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A 2 days Educational Trip to Rishikesh & Shivpuri

May 16th, 2017|0 Comments

A 2 days Educational Trip was organised for the students of Tula's International School to Rishikesh & Shivpuri [...]

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The Modern Gurukul

‘Gurukul’, a word known from centuries, is referred as a school where pupils stay near their gurus and attain knowledge and wisdom. From ancient times, it has been known as a place where each and every student stands on an equal footing with one another and gurus are “mentors” or “guide” who have always been a figure of reverence. They enlighten the lives of pupils to attain spirituality as well. Thus, carrying

this legacy of ancient Gurukul system, TIS has built its standards to be known as The Modern Gurukul.

Tula’s, recognized as the Best Residential school  has finely clubbed the gurukul system with its expertise in the beauty, simplicity and culture along with the modern techniques and culture aiding the students to advance in technologies that run the world today.

Tula’s is ranked as the Top International school in Dehradun. It aims to work towards the growth of students not only academically, but also brushing up their minds towards improvisation of their mental abilities. A strict schedule has been devised keeping their day-to-day activities in concern. At Tula’s, every child is important and is believed that each child is a god’s gift and has to be taken care of. Keeping that in mind, here, every child is given personal attention.

The school provides an ambience where education is not judged on the basis of marks and ranks. It spots out the potential the child possesses and turn them to the face of their real talent because it believes that every child is born unique with different level of capabilities and talent. The only part left is, to recognize and appreciate it.

Tula’s International school, marked as the Best Boarding school in Dehradun was established by  the Rishabh Educational Trust in 2013, is spread across the sprawling fields of Dehradun, imparting the scenic beauty at the foothills of Himalayas. To provide a chance of higher education and keeping a thought of the objectives of the trust,  technical and management college began its official working in the year 2006, registered under the name Tula’s Institute, which is today the  leading engineering and management Institute in Uttarakhand.

Trinity College London

Italian University of Design

Lions Club International



The Tortoise – CSR Initiative

Parent’s Testimonials

We the parents of Kumar Aagam Deep Jain of Class VIII are very happy to share our experiences about the school, it’s system and faculty. Our child has been studying in the school for last one and a half years and we are pleased to see his holistic development. In this school, the children are given the freedom to explore whatever they want to be. Not just academics but also other fields like music, sports, social work, painting and amongst others are given due importance. Every child is considered an individual personality and his strength is promoted and weaknesses are handled with expertise. The school is beautifully situated around greenery so that the child is so close to nature and pollution free environment which helps him to feel fresh, energetic and focused. Faculty of the school knows about each and every child in person and makes a lot of efforts for the betterment of the child. The food served is very healthy and nutritious. The child here becomes more sincere, decent, presentable and focused with moral values being inculcated. In short, the motto of the school, ‘MODERN GURUKUL’ is justified.
Mrs. Vandana Jain, Mother of Master Kumar Aagam Deep Jain Class VIII (New Delhi)
I have been thoroughly impressed by the capability and professionalism of Tula’s management. This Institution can resolve most of the problems that the Indian Education System is facing with regard to High-tech & Latest mechanism involved in strengthening the roots.

I wish you all the very best.

India needs to move rapidly in the direction of self reliance.

Tula’s should be the engine for every student’s progress.

Good luck & God bless!!

K v K Murthy, K. Someswari, Parents of Master K. Mohith Class X (Hyderabad)
The small class size, extensive arts program, safe environment, and supportive staff (Administrative and Teachers) made Tula’s International a favorite school of ours. Big five to the administrative staff who helped us all the time and made this year a memorable one. So far best year in our daughter’s educational life. Tula’s indeed a oasis of heartfelt education.

Keep up good work Tula’s Team!!

Beant & Manpreet Sandhu, Parents of Arjot Kaur Sandhu Class XII (USA)
The school treats all its students as one big family. This builds their confidence and inspires young students for the betterment of world. Physical activities like sports and other extracurricular activities make our little ones more active and ensure that they have a motivated mind. The school also provides wonderful opportunities to my child. That has made her strong from within. I am observing a wonderful transformation as she is growing and maturing. I would highly recommend this school to my friends and others as well.
RINZIN, Guardian of Pema class XI (Tibet)