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7 Education Activities For Kids To Play While Keeping Social Distance

Amidst the pandemic, when social distancing is very much necessary while Education Activities For Kids, children of the Best Co-ed Boarding School in Dehradun still require something that keeps them busy and active throughout the day. With no end in sight to social distancing, it’s becoming more necessary to get creative to help meet the children’s social and physical activity needs. Allowing them to indulge in a few games and activities will keep them active and productive.

Through this article, let’s look at some of the socially distanced Education Activities For Kids that allow them to spend socially distanced time.

1. Engage them in Art & Craft

One of the best social distance activities that kids can engage themselves in is by doing some art & craftwork. This activity only requires some craftwork and utensils which will allow a child to learn and grow. This way children also get to learn about various creative elements. The best part of doing this activity is that the children get to hone their motor skills while doing the same! Crafts are one of the best ways to keep kids engaged and busy for hours. They might also require setup and clean-up, and some may even require supervision like done by the Boys Boarding School, but overall crafts are a great, easy way to keep their little hands busy.

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2. Do some Yoga

Another activity that allows children to do while keeping physical distance in mind is Yoga. Yoga is considered one of the prominent forms of exercise that enhances pliability, strength, and coordination. It can also promote social-emotional development in children. There are various kid-friendly yoga postures that can be conducted.

3. Mindfulness meditation

It can be challenging emotionally for kids and they might display stress due to lack of access to other kids to play with. It is essential to recognise the need for relaxing and mindfulness activities for children. Boarding school for kids practices mindfulness meditation that gives children the right jumpstart to access many benefits in the long run and to also develop positive traits such as increased self-control, better attention span, empathy and respect for others. Mindfulness meditation will make the students feel conscious and less distracted during the time of the lockdown.

4. Gardening

Gardening really helps in developing motor and sensory skills among kids. It occupies their senses, motivates kids to appreciate the environment and gives them a sense of accomplishment. One of the Best Co-ed Boarding School in Dehradun encourages kids to learn and practice gardening from time to time.

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5. Body BINGO

This social distance activity not only strengthens a child’s math skills but also motivates them to do some physical activity. While doing this activity, each participant must be given a BINGO board and small items to mark spaces. To play the same, the kids must complete the math problems and the exercises along with it – across, down or diagonally to get BINGO! For example, ask them to solve 2+6 and do that many jumping jacks!

6. Charades

Charades is another physical distancing game that is great for kids. The game required children to take turns to act out a particular film, characters, scenes and words for their friends to speculate. The Boys Boarding School also holds such kinds of activities for kids by allowing them to make use of props and costumes, to make it even more fun.

7. Puzzles & Boards Games

In present-day app-culture, these classics are far less popular, but that only makes them the perfect activity for times like these when kids have to engage in some kind of lawful activity while keeping social distancing in mind! Puzzle and Board games are one of the best ways to keep kids busy and also sharpen their mental skills just like how it is done at the Boarding school for kids.