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Tula's International School

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Mr. Sunil Kumar Jain

Tula’s International School combines – respect for tradition with a progressive application of modern sciences, academic rigour with a caring heart, and individual appreciation with the warmth of a school community.

In today’s world, where society is increasingly divided into smaller segments, Tula remains a community rich in integrity. Honesty, humour, and hard work form the basis of an educational process that results in learning for a lifetime.

Our dedicated faculty is at the heart of our endeavour to build an intellectual community. Our teachers love to teach. Passionate toward the success of their students, the faculty serves as teachers, coaches, advisors, mentors, and friends. In every area of school life, the faculty seeks to challenge and inspire students to reach new levels of enquiry and understanding.

I invite you to join Tula’s in this journey of an enriching educational experience for our students.

We are an institution with great expectations. Devoted towards helping students develop intellectual, artistic, and personal interests, Tula’s aspires towards the holistic growth of each of its students. With immense pleasure and pride I welcome all the parents and students to be a part of the Tula’s family.

Mr. Raunak Jain
(Managing Director)

The Director of Tula's, Mr Raunak Jain, is a high achiever. Topping through his college and post-graduation (from the Royal Holloway University of London), Mr Jain has made winning a habit. Owing to this habit, he aspires to make Tula's International one of the best and most dependable schools. He understands that he can achieve this ambition only through the success of every student of Tula's, for he believes in – Together we rise, together we touch the skies.

Mr Jain, as the Director and as the youngest member of the Tula's Family, has all his interests invested in the school to make it a perfect setting for a student's holistic development with emphasis on creating a balanced persona. Compromising at no point, Tula's provides world-class amenities for your child, whether in education, athletics, the arts, or entertainment. We were guided through expert advice.

  • Alumnus – M.Sc. International Management from RHUL
  • (Royal Holloway University of London)
  • Vice president (Welfare) National Taekwondo Committee
  • Member – Cricket Association of Uttarakhand
  • Alumnus – Symbiosis Institute of Design, Pune
  • Awarded as an Inspiring Women Eduleader for the year 2014 by Engineering Watch
  • Awarded as Education Evangelist 2015 by the Skill tree
  • Awarded Certification in Leadership from Harvard University, USA, 2017
  • Awarded with Today’s Woman Award by I-next 2017

Mrs. Silky Jain Marwah
(Executive Director)

Alumnus, Symbiosis Institute of Design, Pune; awarded as an inspiring ‘Women Eduleader‘for the year 2014 by Engineering Watch and ‘Skilltree Education Evangelist 2015‘ by SkillTree, Silky Jain is an inspiration for many. The ‘care-India youth icon from 2011 till date, Ms Jain is a self-starter and an achiever. Currently handling the Engineering College and the Management College (Tula’s Institute), she has a good understanding of the operations of Educational Institutions.

Apart from catering to her duties as an Executive Director, she would be helping Tula’s students to make career choices and hand-holding them through their transitions post their schooling.

Dr. Raghav Garg
(Vice President Technology)

As the name suggests, Tula's creates a balance and strives to develop and unearth the intrinsic potential and capability of the students, thereby preparing them to take on global challenges.

Our vision is to make Tula a centre of excellence in learning, innovation, technology, agriculture, and management. Every student is nurtured holistically. The result is young entrepreneurs who are ready for the workforce. Students at Tula's envision becoming employers and creating jobs for others. The entire education process at Tula's is designed from the very first day onward, from making the student feel at home to equipping the student to be productive in industry and society. Our Institute has good relations with leading Universities of the world, giving Tulaites an edge over other students elsewhere. Tula’s is recognised for having state of the art infrastructure.

Besides technical and professional competence, we make every effort to absorb their moral and ethical values equally and transform them into good human beings. We nurture our students with a sense of social commitment, humanitarian values, ethical practices and professionalism making them global citizens who can look beyond geographical boundaries and become good social and responsible citizens.