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Boarding school in Dehradun
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Best Boarding School in Dehradun



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Mr. G.G. Garg

With a rich experience of more than 40 years, a Chartered Accountant by profession, Mr G.G.Garg is our legal advisor. Here is a personal message from him –

It must be challenging to send your children to boarding school! Finding the right school for your child can also be challenging. You can be assured that it will make a massive difference in your academic and career life.

At Tula’s International School, students are prepared for the best universities globally. Here your child develops a sense of responsibility and discipline. It is ensured to make the student globally compatible, whether in academics, sports or extracurricular activities. We never forget that we are parents as well. Your decision to put your child in Tula’s is welcomed and is in the right direction.

Mr. Gulab Ramchandani
(Educational Consultant)

It is a matter of pride to have Mr Gulab Ramchndani onboard Tula’s as the Educational Consultant. The renowned Educator served as the headmaster for The Doon School for close to 10 years.

He holds vast knowledge and understanding of the school system and the suitable educational needs of children in their formative years. Having first-hand experience in handling the students and operations of a boarding school, his counsel carries significance.

Among his other contribution to the eld of education in India, he is noted for bringing modern management principles into the educational arena. His experience and many educational reforms that he brought in make him a value-add for Tula’s family.

  • Former Headmaster
  • The Doon School
  • Vice-Chancellor
  • Banasthali University

Mr. Aditya Shastri
(Advisory Board Member)

Girls are prized possessions of every parent, and parents want only the best for their girls. Furthermore, in this attempt to provide the best care and guidance for your child, we have Mr Aditya Shastri on our board. He is the Vice-chancellor of Banasthali University, an all-girl, entirely residential University.

It is an assurance for Tula that he is on the board, and his appointment as a Vice-Chancellor is itself a guarantee of his abilities. An ardent believer in the line “Educating a woman is imperative for the advancement of the society”, he takes his job very seriously. An achiever and an idealist, Mr Shastri would provide his valuable guidance and take up the role of a Mentor, aiding your child's holistic development.

Justice Vijender Jain
(Advisory Board Member)

It was a great pleasure to attend the 3rd Annual Function of Tula’s International School. From Class IV onwards, this institution implements the modern scientific teaching method. Though the school was established only in 2013 and is accredited for education from Class IV to Class XII, it was amazing to see the broad spectrum of e-Education in the classrooms, the devotion of teachers and the non-teaching staff to creating an atmosphere where learning does not become boredom but is meaningful content. The children like horse riding undertake various activities, pottery, painting; apart from the educational curriculum, they are directed to make a student a valuable part of society. In the modern world, education leads to enlightenment which brings employability.

It is a unique institution equally equipped with boarding facilities and a modern, hygienic mess facility. Yearning for knowledge and its practical application in life is the Motto of the School.