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Boarding school in Dehradun
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Tula's International School

Best Boarding School in Dehradun



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Why Choose Us?

Tula’s International School (TIS) is a place where students learn to achieve all their educational goals and aspirations, away from family. Tula’s International School consistently tops the list of not just the top 10 boarding schools in Dehradun but also the top CBSE schools in Dehradun.

Located in the foothills of the majestic Himalayas, Tula’s International School (TIS) is spread across the sprawling fields of Dehradun and aims to provide a chance of higher education to the students. Keeping in mind the objectives of the trust, a technical and management college began its official working in the year 2006, registered under the name Tula’s Institute, which is a top engineering and management Institute in Uttarakhand today.

Here are the reasons why you should choose Tula’s International School:

World-Class Teaching Tailored to make Students Future-Ready

Driven by a PAN India curriculum and a common framework for education, Tula’s is affiliated with the CBSE which is a futuristic board and keeps pace with changing educational reforms and a rapidly evolving environment. 

The faculty of the school is one of its notable strengths. We have excellent teachers compared to the other top schools in Dehradun. Our teachers come from different parts of the country. They are trained regularly to identify each student’s skill sets and teach in a manner that enhances their use of multiple intelligences.

All-round Learning and Education at One Place

Our main objective is to train students to realize their full potential and become independent learners who are fully aware of their social, moral, and cultural obligations towards themselves, others, and the nation at large. As one of Dehradun’s top boarding schools, we want to bring about a transformation in students not only in Academics but also in their mental, emotional, spiritual, and creative thinking processes.

Affiliated to CBSE New Delhi

Tula’s International is one of the top boarding schools in Dehradun. TIS is affiliated with CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education), New Delhi. The old tried and tested learning formulas have given way to the new ones. Varied dimensions of education have been introduced through life skills, the study of human behaviour, health management, disaster management, etc., which have made the curriculum more engaging.

Social Life

It takes a village to raise a child. Traditionally, the town constituted a big joint family and the surrounding community. There was no shortage of people with aunts, uncles, siblings, grandparents, and other members living together. In the modern world, with nuclear families, children are raised in an environment with fewer than four people in the house and sometimes a small group of peers in the neighborhood. In such a context, boarding schools offer a ‘village’ where children can grow up, study, and learn things while living in a great family setting of peers, elders, and juniors.

Holistic Education

Immersing your child in a learning environment means that while your child has a significant portion of the day dedicated to learning academic subjects, they also have an added portion of the day devoted to extracurricular activities. There is more time to devote to sports, arts, music, and other activities in the day. We at Tula’s closely monitor your child’s natural interests and talents and encourage your child to follow these interests and skills over the years through our dedicated and expert teaching staff.

24/7 Learning

A child’s impressionable mind never stops learning. This is where a boarding school of excellence and quality can provide the best environment to absorb academic lessons and skills and life lessons. The best boarding schools recognise the quick pace at which children of school-going age can learn and develop their personality and character. We provide an environment that constantly nurtures your child’s physical, emotional and mental growth.

Fully Residential & Co-ed

TIS is a fully residential co-ed school with excellent infrastructure and all modern amenities as befits the stature of one of Dehradun’s best co-ed CBSE boarding schools.

We are located in Dehradun, which is considered the best site for school education. As a leading boarding school, we provide an unmatched experience through rigorous academics, intense sports and extracurricular activities, and strong bonds among peers, juniors, and seniors.

Higher Education Opportunities

Tula’s Institute of Engineering and Management, located adjacent to the TIS campus, offers opportunities to its students to continue higher education after passing their senior secondary exams at TIS. As it is among Uttarakhand’s top management colleges, parents can stop worrying about their child’s higher education!

All Round Personality Development

Our main objective is to train the students to realise their full potential and become independent learners who are fully aware of their social, moral, and cultural obligations towards themselves, others, and the nation. As one of Dehradun’s top schools, we want to bring about a transformation in students in academics and their mental, emotional, spiritual, and creative thinking processes.