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Tula’s International School is a co-educational residential school from grade IV to XII in Dehradun, Uttarakhand. One of the top boarding schools in Dehradun, TIS is affiliated to CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education), New Delhi… Read More


Driven by a pan India curriculum and a common framework for education, the CBSE is a futuristic board and keeps pace with changing educational reforms and a rapidly evolving environment… Read More

Mind Body Soul Approach To Learning

The Mind, Body & Soul approach to learning focuses primarily on the realization that the student’s physical well-being greatly affects his academic learning, both in the moment and in the long term… Read More

Digital Workstations

Priding itself on being a modern Gurukul school, Tula’s is the only CBSE school in North India which has well designed, technically sound workstations (a different workstation for each subject) to foster learning among students… Read More

Library Cum Media Center

At Tula’s, we consider our LIBRARY to be the richest place in our campus, where all the treasure is hidden.  It’s the effort we put in building it up, drawing in advice from experts in each of the subjects and equipping it with the best material… Read More


Well-equipped Biology, Physics and Chemistry Laboratories, a state-of the-art Computer Department and IT Centre are constantly buzzing with activity… Read More