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Driven by a pan India curriculum and a common framework for education, the CBSE is a futuristic board and keeps pace with changing educational reforms and a rapidly evolving environment. The old tried and tested formulas of learning have given way to the new. Varied dimensions of education have been introduced through subjects, such as life skills, study on human behavior, health management, disaster management, etc. which have made the curriculum more interesting.

The CCE (Continuous and Comprehensive evaluation) that we follow is an education system introduced by the CBSE, for students from grade one to tenth. The main aim of CCE is to evaluate every aspect of the child during their presence at school. A student’s performance is evaluated on the basis of two criteria- scholastic and co-scholastic. The aim is to reduce students’ workload and improve their overall skills and ability by evaluating other co–curricular activities. Grades are awarded to students based on their work experience, life skills, innovation, public speaking, etc. The aim is to evaluate and present an overall measure of the student’s ability. This helps those students who lag behind in academics to show their talent in other fields, such as the arts, humanities, sports, music, athletics, etc. This system is transparent and provides more scope for association among learners, teachers and parents.

The challenge for any good school is to foster the development of highly educated and versatile students. As one ofDehradun’s best CBSE boarding schools, we ensure a well-planned curriculum to provide a firm academic foundation which helps students pursue a variety of educational options for their future studies. A well-chiseled curriculum lets us manage the continuity and development of skills while maintaining a flexible approach towards teaching.

It has become the norm for all good boarding schools in Dehradun as well as across India to focus on what students can do and not merely on academics taught in classrooms. Keeping this in mind, the curriculum at Tula’s International School has been developed by some of the finest academicians across some of Dehradun’s best boarding schools, and in India.


Medium of Instruction: English

Classes Taught

Grades V – Grade XII for both boys and girls

Language Options

First Language (For students of grade V to XII)
English (Compulsory)

Second language (For students of grade V to X)

Third Language (For students of grade V to X)
Sanskrit/ German

Curriculum for Senior Secondary (Grade XI & XII)

Students of class XI and XII are taught in alignment with the CBSE syllabus to prepare them for competitive exams so they can enter professional courses across India as well as foreign countries. The School offers two streams of study at this level – Science and Commerce.

Compulsory Subjects (Senior Secondary)

Science Stream
Group1 Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics
Group 2 Physics, Chemistry, Biology

Optional: Computer Science / Physical Education

Commerce Stream

Group1 Economics, Accountancy, Business Studies, Mathematics
Group2 Economics, Accountancy, Business Studies, Entrepreneurship

Optional: Informatics Practice / Physical Education

The Faculty

The faculty of the School is one of its notable strengths. We have the excellent teachers when compared with the top schools in Dehradun. Our teachers come from different part across the country. They are trained regularly to identify each student’s skill sets and teach them in a manner that enhances their use of multiple intelligences. The student teacher ratio is 1:5.  The School takes on the responsibility of remedial classes for weak students. Though the teaching environment is lively, the teachers are not lenient when it comes to the progress and development of the child. Our teachers are the pillars as they take care of every facet of the child’s personality.

Tula’s curriculum has been designed with a holistic approach to develop the child as a whole through our Mind, Body & Soul approach to learning. This method allows a student’s full potential to shine through, gives him confidence, develops his character and most importantly, does not let him feel inferior if he scores low in academics.