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At Tula’s, we consider our LIBRARY to be the richest place in our campus, where all the treasure is hidden.  It’s the effort we put in building it up, drawing in advice from experts in each of the subjects and equipping it with the best material. It would soon be your child’s prized possession, for they would hold onto their library card dearly. Utmost care has been taken that the student gets access to the right material and not any kind of detrimental literature.

We understand the role a library place in a student’s life. Hence we took care to fill it up with all the necessary books and the reference books that could cater to a child’s curiosity. The huge, well stocked library is soon going to turn into a student’s favourite place. And to lure them further into the magic of books, we have provided comfortable seating arenas so that reading is always a pleasure. We conspire to plant and nurture in each student a love of reading that will last for a lifetime.