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Boarding school in Dehradun
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Tula's International School

Best Boarding School in Dehradun



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Best Boarding School in India

Best Boarding School in India

Tula’s International School is known to be one of the best boarding school in India The school is affiliated with the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) and has been awarded numerous accolades in the field of education. The school has a lush green campus and is equipped with state of art educational facilities which makes it the best among other boarding schools in Uttarakhand. Tula’s offers its student’s life crucial skills which are imparted via education so that they are always ready to take up the challenges that come their way. The school believes in holistic development which is a mix of logical, social, spiritual, and creative elements to improvise the personality of each student. We believe in providing equal opportunities to our students which helps in developing confident individuals and leaders of tomorrow who have team spirit qualities. The school uses smart teaching approaches to bring out the best in children. The school has replaced traditional classrooms with digital workstations to impart knowledge that is easily understood by the students. A planned curriculum has been designed which offers a strong scholastic foundation for the students.

What stands out at Tula’s International School from other residential schools are the below-mentioned factors which says it all.

Digital Workstations at Top Boarding Schools in India

Best CBSE Boarding School in Dehradun

Tula’s International School pride in having well-designed digital workstations for its students in order to impart world-class education. TIS ‘The Modern Gurukul’ is the only CBSE school in Northern India that has replaced traditional classrooms with digital workstations. The school offers world-class education facilities to its students with the implementation of smart classes which improves the interest of students in learning and also improves teacher’s expertise. Learning thus becomes a delightful experience for the students. All of the workstations have high-speed internet connection along with a projector, quality sound system and interactive whiteboards thus making learning easier for the students. These modern classes also offer subject-wise learning material to the students. The best part is that these workstations do not accommodate more than 25 students which allows them to be focussed while at the same time attention is given to each of the students. These modern classrooms in Boarding School in India are equipped with educational videos sourced from National Geographic and Discovery channel. The lessons which are taught during school years impart students the support and expertise to deal with all aspects in the near future. The faculty of Tula’s International School not only teaches students but also become their friend and counsellor during the need of an hour. The school considers that education is a never-ending process and that it is just not restricted to the academic curriculum. In fact, it produces a perfect setting for students so that they grow to become significant citizens and impart their bit to their country.

best co-ed CBSE boarding school in Dehradun

Boarding School in India with International Tie-Ups

Over time, Tula’s International School has collaborated with numerous institutes across the world including the University of the Highlands and Islands, The University of Texas at Dallas, Model United Nations, the Asian Academy of Aeronautics, Trinity College of London, The International Award for Young People and Lions International among several others. We believe that such academic collaborations offer extra advantages to the students as well as the organization. These types of associations are beneficial for both the students and the teachers as they gain a lot of knowledge. With these exchange programs, students get a lot of exposure and experience with the culture and education patterns of the other country. Such type of experience is very precious as it adds on a lot of moral values and principles for the student. These International Tie-Ups at Top Boarding School in India offer an opportunity to travel, learn and work on a global platform. In similar ways, the faculty also benefited from the same as they also get to participate in such exchange programs where they teach students globally while also getting their hands on new teaching methods. Along with this, the international students who visit national schools also gain a lot of knowledge and learn about the culture of our country. On top of everything, the culture of working together with several foreign universities and embracing the global culture helps ease the admission process for the students in the future.

15+ Olympic Sports Facilities at Best Boarding School in India

Tula’s International School which is recognized as the 5th best boarding school in North India offers its students the best sporting infrastructure with more than 15 Olympic sports facilities. The school has a full-fledged sports program to create professional athletes who can make their mark in the field of sporting across the world. The school has a world-class semi-circle Swimming Pool for students who have a zeal and are passionate to learn swimming. TIS has its own shooting range with excellent equipment that intends to sharpen the talent of budding shooters. The shooting range allows a total of 7 shooters to practice at the same time. As one of the best boarding schools in Dehradun, Tula’s offers its students with horse riding lessons at all levels. Our personalized professional coaches train the students in dressage, showjumping, and eventing. The school has a stable and a small paddock which can hold up to 10 horses. As the school believes in the overall development of its students, we have inculcated detailed archery programs in a safe and productive environment. We have a state-of-the-art archery ground with many different target lanes spread out over natural terrain. Apart from the above-mentioned sports facilities, the school also has other sports including Billiards, Football, Indoor Squash, Taekwondo, Lawn Tennis, Basketball, Badminton, Cricket, and Table Tennis among others.