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Boarding school in Dehradun
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Tula's International School

Best Boarding School in Dehradun



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Top Boarding School in India

Best Co-ed Boarding School in India


Tula’s International School is a fully residential Best Co-ed Boarding School in India which offers a world-class infrastructure with all modern amenities to its students. The primary aim of the school is to make students learn so that they realise their full potential and become successful independent learners. TIS believes in holistic development through which the students not only become efficient in subjects in meeting the needs of a CBSE exam but also become well versed with the traditional arts and crafts, music & dance and sports among other extracurricular activities. The school has a well-stocked library which has a wide range of carefully selected books that ensures ample opportunity for reading. The classroom size is intentionally small so as to ensure a close connection between teacher and students where student determination and participation become crucial.

Co-ed Boarding School in India

Personal as well as Career Counselling at Co-ed Boarding School in India

Ranked as the 5th Best Boarding School in North India, Tula’s International School ensures that its students are offered professional counselling as and when required. These days students often get confused about their career and so the school helps them by offering several career counselling sessions. Several tests are also held from time to time in order to encourage the students to participate. Both the students and their parents are counselled and educated about various career options which are best suited for their children. We make sure that the students choose a career which is in retrospect with their academic results, personality, interest and creativity. The top Co-ed Boarding School in India has an in-house counsellor who helps in offering the students guidance related to career-making decisions, creating career awareness in all subjects, and presenting them with detailed information while administering their aptitude, interest and personality via multiple assessment tests. The school also has a separate personal counselling centre for its students where they are taught several life skills and value-based education. Such personal counselling sessions are a part of the boarding school timetable where issues concerning teenagers and their challenges are taken up and resolved. These sessions provide an opportunity to the students that allow them to discuss their anxiousness and other problems with professional counsellors.

Boarding Facility at Best Co-ed Boarding School in India

Did you know that Tula’s International School has been ranked as the 7th Best Boarding School in India? When it comes to sending your child to the perfect school, Tula’s is the most suitable choice for you. The fully residential school is encompassed by a lush green campus of 22 acres, equipped with all the modern educational facilities. Situated in Dehradun, Tula’s International School provides an ideal atmosphere to foster young minds. The boarding facilities being offered at Tula’s are of high standards. The students are provided with a secure and healthy environment. The school has separate residential facilities for boys and girls wherein each room accommodates up to four children. The hostels are airy and have big rooms which are equipped with ample storage space, a wardrobe, study table and chair, bookshelf long with pinboards. All the floors of the boarding house have eco-friendly washrooms and bathing rooms. Cleanliness is of utmost priority at TIS. The school has a hygienic laundry service which has modern washers, dryers as well as ironing equipment. We focus on the overall development of our students by believing in scholastic excellence along with extracurricular activities.

Best Co-ed Boarding School in India

Extra-Curricular Activity at Top Co-ed Boarding School in India

As one of the best boarding schools of India, we believe in offering our students the best of curricular activities which help them to show their hidden talent. The Music Academy of the school presents a wide range of opportunities for students in the field of music and dance. The school is equipped with several musical instruments including Violin, Drums, Guitar, Sitar, Harmonium, and Keyboard among others. The well-trained and professional music and dance teachers expose the students to Indian as well as Western forms of music and dance. Here, the students are taught several types of paintings including portrait and Madhubani painting, clay modelling, crafts, and sculptures. These are the creative activities that students love to do during their art and craft workshops. The school also has various clubs that function effectively, with maximum student participation. These clubs and committees offer an opportunity for the students where they discover and bring out their hidden talents. Several clubs of the school are Bookworm Club, Potters Wheel Club, Raga Rocks, The Circuit, Khaana Khazana, Vibgyor, Shutterbug, Flamingo and Gulmohar. Tula’s International School conducts several educational trips and excursions for students in India as well as abroad. Such visits teach them about various cultural institutions, including science museums, art, history along with theatres and zoos. The school also conducts language classes from time to time where students are taught German and French. Such classes help them in learning a new language, its conjugation, idioms, comprehension, sentence construction and vocabulary.

Co-ed Boarding School in India, Tula’s International School is not just a school, it is a family where each child is given proper care and attention. At TIS, all the requirements of the child are met with full understanding and suitable care, be it emotional, mental, physical or social.