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Boarding school in Dehradun
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Tula's International School

Best Boarding School in Dehradun



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Tula’s International School, best school in Dehradun with hostel facility


If you are planning to send your children to the best school in Dehradun, then Tula’s International School is the perfect choice for you. Tula’s International School (T.I.S.) is one of the renowned Dehradun schools. The school has a lush green campus of 20 acres with fully equipped all the modern educational facilities. Located in the lap of Doon valley, Tula’s International School offers an ideal environment to nurture the young minds. The boarding facilities at Tula’s are high standards. We provide a secure and happy environment for all the children, thus fulfilling the need of the best school in Dehradun with hostel.

Join Tula’s International, which is considered as the best school in Dehradun and also ranked as No. 1 Boarding School in Uttarakhand. The School has separate boarding houses for both the girls and the boys. In each dorm house, four children accommodation is done. Both hostels have spacious and well-ventilated rooms. Each student is provided a modern bedroom equipped with storage space, cupboard, study table, book rack and a personal soft board for pin-ups. Big windows are there in each room to let the natural sunlight enter and at the same time students can enjoy the scenery outside.

The School has eco-friendly washrooms and bathing cells. Helpers are available round the clock to maintain cleanliness & hygiene. In each house, the Master and Mother are responsible for the emotional as well as the academic needs of every student along with the tutors. The laundry services are well equipped with latest washers, dryers, and ironing equipment to take care of the laundry needs of every student.

With being the best school in Dehradun with hostel facility, the school offers boarding house staffs that are skilled in ensuring that new kids easily mingle with the other students of the school. Friendship created at Tula’s lasts long. The School main focus is on the all-round development of all the students. T.I.S. believes in academic excellence along with co-curricular activities. It will help them to develop the personality in children, which will lead to a better future. Our aim of these activities is to polish their life skills & teach them to be tolerant and to be team players. Tula’s International School aims to built-in social life where children will be living in a friendly environment and will learn how to socialize. At Tula’s, the children learn how to make themselves independent and responsible. We help students in developing confidence while staying away from home to attain a better future. It works well for their future, thus making the transition from school to college more comfortable for them. As one of the best schools in Dehradun with hostel facility, we at TIS have years of experience and in-depth knowledge of the school system. Tula’s has formed a learning atmosphere that caters to the emotional needs of the students without neglect. Every student individually gets attention, as they would receive at home. We have developed expertise in working with students to help them meet their fullest potential and achieve academic and personal achievement. We believe the Himalayan breeze is therapeutic in itself. The regular utilities are provided on an individual basis and not on a sharing basis.

Tula’s International School provides the following facilities that are below listed:

1. Medical Assistance: An in-house Isolation Room with Quarantine facilities forms an integral part of the healthcare infrastructure. In case of emergency, 24X7 ambulance service is also available on our campus.

2. Safety & Security: Tula’s International School, the best school in Dehradun with hostel facility, creates a caring extended family environment for each of its boarder where they feel safe and secure. We have taken adequate measures to ensure the security of your child as its utmost importance to us. 24×7 CCTV cameras have placed in strategic positions on each entrance to monitor by the security guards. Students can learn how to play various sports activities like basketball, cricket, tennis, etc. all of which are according to international standards.

3. Clubs & Societies: T.I.S strives to create a positive environment wherein all students are challenged and aspired to achieve one’s true potential. There is a lot more than academics that develop a child’s personality. To bring out the hidden talents of each student at Tula’s, we have a variety of clubs and societies that cater to the varied interests of the child.

4. Modern Well Equipped Classrooms: In the lap of Himalayas, Tula’s is home to the enlightenment of great minds. Our motto is to impart modern education by using smart boards and whiteboards. Tula’s is the only CBSE school in North India which has well designed, technically sound workstations (a different workstation for each subject) to for er learning among students.

5. Mess with Multi Cuisine: In school mess, we serve nutritious and delicious vegetarian multi cuisines planned by the expert dieticians.

6. Academic Collaborations: It is one of the top schools in Dehradun. Its collaborations are with various leading national and international institutions to provide global exposure.

7. Awards & Achievements: Tula’s International School is a recipient of several awards. In 2018, we were ranked as Best Boarding School by the Honorable Minister of State for Labour and Employment, Shri Santosh Gangwar and National Vice President of BJP Shri Shyam Jaju. Tula’s International School is considered to be the best school in Dehradun with the hostel and has been ranked no: 1 Co-ed Boarding school in Uttarakhand for “Infrastructure Provisions” by Education Today in 2016. Tula’s International School is a modern gurukul where students learn to achieve all their educational goals and aspirations away from family. Tula’s International School, the best school in Dehradun consistently tops the list of not just the top 10 boarding schools in Dehradun but also the best CBSE schools in Dehradun.