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Tula's International School

Best Boarding School in Dehradun



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The Tula’s International family strives to create a positive environment where all students are challenged and inspired to achieve their potential. Academics and activities form the backbone of TIS. As a result, the school has been ranked among the top boarding schools in Dehradun.

We believe for the Clubs to function effectively, student participation is a must. The more students form and manage the various committees and clubs the better it bodes for their overall development. These Clubs and Committees gives them a platform to discover and bring to the fore their hidden talents, so essential for an all-round education.


‘’Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body’’-with this motto in mind, the students at one of Dehradun’s best schools, TIS, strut about the campus with their proud literary possessions- Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s StoneLife of PiMalgudi DaysThe Da Vinci Code, and many more. The book lovers also get to interact with authors, such as Chetan Bhagat, Ruskin Bond, Ranjit Lal and Bhavna Arora, among others.

Potters Wheel

Clay modeling may look a simple process but when practiced leads to unexpected and even crooked shapes, depending upon the skill of the potters’s hand. Yet this work allows one to think and give shape to one’s imaginations working with shapes of clay. The students work for hours on end with infinite patience to bring out their creative talents. Their hands might get dirt but it is a learning process unlike any other.


Raga Rocks

At Tula’s, music is not regarded as a standalone subject but is incorporated into the curriculum itself. It forms an integral part of every student’s life. The school has qualified teachers who teach students to play a variety of musical instruments, such as the guitar, congo drums, violin, sitar, keyboards, drums, harmonium, table, and to sing as well. Students are exposed to western as well as Indian classical dance forms.


The Circuit

The Club requires students to construct simple and complex projects during this activity period. Electronics forms the bedrock of most technological progress. As one of the reputed CBSE schools in Dehradun, Tula’s students construct devices, such as burglar alarm, automatic school bell, mosquito repellent, LED Sequential Running Lights, etc. One of the most sought after careers at the campus is robotics. Students at TIS do projects like obstacle-avoiding robot, cell phone detector, etc.


Khana Khazana

Food is the magic key that can open many doors, as the saying goes. The Cookery Club at Tula’s, one of the best co-ed boarding school in Dehradun, is not about nutrients and calories. It’s about sharing. It’s about honesty. It’s about identity. At the Tula’s Cookery Club, students experiment with different recipes and create new and varied dishes. The challenge lies in creating dishes that cater to different palates. Cooking is such a vast and creative field. This is one club loved by students of both sexes.



As one of the reputed schools in Dehradun, Tula’s has the only Art & Craft workstation of its kind in Uttarakhand. Called ‘Vibgyor’, it continually strives to inspire its students to display their creativity under the capable guidance of art teachers. Students are exposed to different mediums for a wholesome education in the artistic sphere. Portrait painting, sketching, crafts, Madhubani painting, and creating sculptures are some of the creative pursuits that students enjoy doing during their art and craft classes.



The great photographer Dorothea Lange once said, ‘’Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still.’’ To view the world through a camera gives a totally different perspective to life. The leaves, when viewed through a lens, become an art in itself and the hummingbirds seem to sing their own songs. Creativity, imagination and passion are the key that sets one apart from the crowd. Like a fingerprint, no two images are the same. It is for the viewer to interpret the captured image though the artist may have a different opinion. As one of Dehradun’s top schools, it lets students study and explore the colourful field of photography.



Gardening is an art in itself. The students at TIS work hard to see that plants and trees in the campus are well protected. Tula’s International School students have pledged their loyalty towards Mother Earth and contribute in every possible way to spread awareness about environmental issues.



Dance is one of humankind’s great creative expressions. A performing art which has sublime aesthetic and symbolic value, dance involves the dancer to surrender himself utterly before the audience and give away something of himself. At Tula’s, all forms of dance, whether classical or Western, are encouraged by the school’s trained dance instructors. The aim is to free students of their inhibitions and let them sway to the rhythm of their chosen dance form.