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“Education is beautification of the inner world and the outer world”

Education refines mind, body and soul and enriches inner as well as the outer world. The legacy of our ancient India, the Gurukul system is an approach towards beautification of culture, ethics, morals, along with education in subjects such as Hindu texts, spirituality, agamic or music. Thus connecting disciples close to the nature. This ancient education provides a rich tradition of knowledge of early ancient Indian civilization. Gurus in Gurukul denote it’s indigenous part. They solely bind a spiritual relationship with their shishyas (pupils) and mentor them by providing a subtle or advanced knowledge.

Time has changed and decades have passed since then. Bringing back such folklore of education, stated as The MODERN Gurukul school, Tula’s International School has originated for the purpose of reviving this divine culture of ancient education system. Tula’s International school, known as the Best Boarding school revitalizes the strength, enthusiasm and passion to bring back education the same way as it existed in the early centuries. Tula’s is the Best International boarding school in Dehradun and is a name of high recognition in sustaining the endowments of our historic educational framework, thus known as Gurukul of the Modern era.  In a nutshell, the school is set as a pioneer of modernist education hub that offers overall development of a child with physical, mental and spiritual guidance. I would like to mention some of the important facts that would give you a brief synopsis of significant qualities the school possesses.

The 10 crucial aspects that lead Tula’s international school as the The Modern Gurukul are precisely outlined here:

Modern Gurukul system-

Tula’s International school has laid its foundation with strong values & principles and is regarded as the Modern Gurukul. It has designed a curriculum such that the students are not burdened by the force to excel in academics and are provided with proper nourishment of skills towards a healthy mind, body and soul. This institute engulfs the historic Gurukul methodology of education along with the modern build of the school.

Co-curricular activities-

It is very necessary to exhibit the non-academic skills on the grounds of life. Subjective performance alone cannot fetch excellence. Co-curricular activities act as a supplement to the curriculum. A student will have to perform in accordance with what today’s culture demands. Tula’s, the Top Residential school in Dehradun, is committed towards developing various facets of personality by laying equal emphasis over the physical fitness and building the sporting spirit in students, grooming their interest in diverse forms of music, dance, art and craft, taking them to trips and excursions, offering them to join various clubs and societies from vivid backgrounds, giving them the opportunity to learn foreign languages and many more.

All-round development of personality-

Growth of a child does not depend solely on theoretical knowledge. The world today requires more of intellectual development of a student rather than just the output in academics.Tula’s, the best CBSE Boarding school in Dehradun has customized its curriculum in a way that the child is witnessed with a comprehensive training regime aiming towards intellectual growth. The school makes sure that the children are exposed to a new and unique learning approach.

Fully residential school-

Tula’s International school is known as the Top Residential school in Dehradun. It provides top-class infrastructure to the students to make them comfortable with the living environment that feels just like a home. All modern amenities are made available to them. The campus is highly secured with twenty-four seven surveillance and security guards serving day and night. Maintenance staff ensures that the residential areas are kept clean and hygienic. The school never compromises with the boarding facilities and befits the title as the Top Boarding school.

Higher Educational opportunities-

Tula’s international school shares its boundaries with Tula’s institute of Engineering and Management that offers students opportunities to continue with their higher education. It is the Top Engineering and Management college in Dehradun

Sporting facilities-

Sports involve physical activities by the virtue of which fitness is attained. The spirit of sportsmanship is aroused with practice, thus rendering activeness and potentiality to work even in the most difficult circumstances. Tula’s make sure that students actively take part in sports by furnishing the best in-class sporting infrastructure.Tula’s offers swimming, billiards, basketball, squash, football, badminton, cricket, lawn tennis, volleyball, cycling, horse riding, taekwondo, table tennis, yoga in its fitness regime, along with all the necessary equipments and add-ons.

Events and celebrations-

The school is brightened up with the celebrations of rich and diverse culture. Numerous events take place every year to commemorate varied occasions and ceremonies. And other than that, the school is the ground for lots of happenings that not only renders students with the bliss in enthusiasm and boosts up their spirits, but also brushes up their intellectual power and are set ready for the competitive world waiting for them outside the campus.


Tula’s international school is affiliated to CBSE and provides schooling from  grade IV to XII. As the Best CBSE Boarding school in Dehradun, the school uses the Mind, Body and Soul approach to learning which is meant for overall growth of a person maintaining a perfect balance among them. The school is bestowed with excellent infrastructure in favor of the developmental scenario for students. As in a library which offers right and wide variety of study materials indulging them deeper into reading and learning, well equipped and updated labs where students are introduced with the up-to-date technologies, fantastically made curriculum that focuses on both scholastic and co-scholastic activities and many other features thus maintaining the faith of parents in us.

International tie-ups-

Tula’s international school is proudly associated with universities and organizations over the globe in the form of exchange programs, research programs or even workshops. Tula’s is directly tied up with the University of Texas at Dallas, Asian Academy of Aeronautics in Maldives, the Italian University for Design, Trinity college London, the International Award for Young people and MUN.

Believer of Multiculturalism-

Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” a Sanskrit saying signifies that ‘The World is one family’. Tula’s school  truly believes in this and encourages economic, technological, and cultural connection among peoples and countries hence promoting multiculturalism. Enlightening students with peaceful mind, ethics and moral values the school helps them to discover the positive side of their personality and develop an understanding and respect for all cultures and their languages irrespective of their own.

Hence, Tula’s international school is the Best Boarding school that imbues all the essential qualities of a true Gurukul encapsulated with morality, philosophy and ethics with its base from ancient India and the infrastructural amenities and technologies supported by educational hubs taking a futuristic mindset for the overall growth of a child.


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