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5 Reasons to choose CBSE girl residential schools in Uttarakhand for better education.

India’s top girls’ residential schools are located in Uttarakhand. Blessed with dainty forests that offer verdant greenery with beautiful landscapes, Uttarakhand offers a beautiful location and an excellent option while shortlisting the boarding schools for girls.

Before we discuss the reasons to choose among the top CBSE girls’ residential schools in Uttarakhand, let’s discuss why we should choose a school affiliated to the CBSE board in the first place. A school affiliated to CBSE board only focuses on the mandatory subjects. The secondary subjects take a back seat and this reduces the pressure on the students. With cut-throat competition and reduced burden of studies, the students can get more time to prepare for their competitive entrance exams like JEE and IIT.

Dehradun is the education capital of India. Cradled in the lap of the Himalayas, Uttarakhand offers some of the best residential schools in Dehradun. From age-old renowned schools to the recent and new schools, every residential school tries to offer the best hostel facilities for students to make them feel that they have a home away from home.

Let’s discuss why you should choose from the top CBSE girls’ residential schools in Uttarakhand to give your girls a better education:-

1) Safety- With media highlighting the atrocities and horrendous incidents that happen with girls, safety is the most important aspect while deciding their school. Better to send your daughter to a boarding school over a day school. With low crime history and renowned boarding schools, the girls’ residential schools in Uttarakhand offer high security and ensure that the children are safe and secure.

2) Bespoke Faculty – Since India’s top girls’ residential schools are in Uttarakhand, the best of academicians and faculty are also in Uttarakhand. The faculties at these residential schools are well versed with their subjects and are highly educated. The teachers take a keen interest in shaping the young minds into successful adults.

3) Healthy Environment – Compared to the noisy and polluted metropolitan cities, Uttarakhand offers a very healthy environment for the students. With a low level of pollution and a lot of greenery, the chances of students falling sick are very low. Also, this helps them boost their immune system making them a regular student at school and regularity is always important to excel at their performance.

4) Overall Personality Development – The CBSE residential schools in Uttarakhand boast of bespoke faculty who design the curriculum in a way that the children get to study and indulge in physical education. A residential school covers the areas in a curriculum that a day school cannot due to shortage of time and so a residential school results in shaping a child’s overall personality that is easy to distinguish from the crowd. With equal attention to both sports and academics, the student keeps a balance between physical and mental exertion which is very important for their overall education and personality development.

5) Personal Attention – Just like all fingers are not the same, the students also differ from one another. While some can excel at academics, some can lag and can require personal attention to cope with the lapse in their syllabus. Residential schools always help the students after school hours with extra classes to help them wherever they are lagging. With personal attention, low and poor performance is out of the question and students pass their tests with flying colours.

Tula’s International School is one of the best residential schools in Dehradun. Affiliated to CBSE board, it is also one of the best schools in the country with an all India rank at No. 8. The school takes immense pride in its faculty and students. TIS has an impeccable campus sprawled over 22 acres of land designed beautifully with a huge swimming pool, football and cricket fields, basketball courts and many other areas that are dedicated to sports and athletics. The laboratories are equipped with modern equipment and updated machinery with high-speed internet to facilitate fast learning. The library has more than twenty thousand books with eBooks that help the students improve their vocabulary and imagination by inculcating the habit of reading in them.

Tula’s International School is the best option to consider while shortlisting the best CBSE residential school for your daughters. The school ensures that no stone is left unturned while meeting their safety and security. The hostels offer the basic comforts of a home and the wardens are warm and amiable. The campus is under 24-hour CCTV surveillance and the guards are always on duty. With a healthy atmosphere and the right environment, it is a highly recommended option to enrol your daughter at Tula’s International School to give her a bright future.

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