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The coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) has turned everybody’s life upside down around the world. With the closure of Best Girls boarding school in Dehradun and alongside maintaining social distancing; it’s been a tough journey for the schools and the parents to navigate. The sudden reposition from classroom learning to remote learning has put schools and families to the test. Together, the schools, children and their parents have learned and accomplished a lot in the past days, and they strive to learn and improve till the situation persists. This new normal way of remote teaching the children at home has become really overwhelming.

As the situation continues a lot of parents might be wondering how to keep everything on track in the weeks and months to come. Some of the strategies being adapted by Tula’s International School, one of the Best CBSE Girls Boarding school in India have found a balance between distance learning and dealing with the situation in a positive manner. The school has asked the parents to help their children learn online at home through online classes being conducted on a regular basis along with the assignments given by the teachers.

Of course, the burden of educating students falls first on the school and the teachers to create online classrooms, lessons, and activities. But to complete all those activities, parental guidance is a must. TIS suggests parents help their children by providing them with a structure and routine, and being a positive force in their education. Here is advice by one of the Best Boarding School in India for all the parents to navigate through this new frontier of online education with their children. Below mentioned are the five most important tips to help keep children’s education on track while they’re staying at home.

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The first and the foremost step to start with remote learning of your child’s education is by planning a routine. We suggest establishing a schedule that aims to provide learning not just via textbooks but also by other mediums including the internet, environment, television as well as through radio. Using everyday activities as a part of learning promotes a sense of encouragement and curiosity in children. It’s always best to do such activities together so as to get their maximum interest.

Although establishing a routine is a part of everyday processes and should not be just limited to times like these but in situations like these when everything is under complete lockdown children do require some kind of flexibility. It’s very natural for kids to feel agitated and restless during times like these and the Best Girls boarding school in Dehradun suggests to cope up with the situation and switch their activities. A schedule to maintain the parents’ work and their child’s work is extremely important. The routine should be kept in a similar manner to the days when everything was normal. Having a clear perspective of what is expected of your child will help them see that just because they are home does not mean they don’t have work to do.


Online platforms provide an opportunity for children to keep learning, gain knowledge, take part in several games and also be in touch with their friends and peers. But as the times have necessitated the major use of the internet for learning , parents also need to understand that the same brings heightened risks for children’s safety, security and privacy. We suggest parents discuss the usage of the internet with their children so that they are aware of its advantages as well as disadvantages. It is advised to parents to keep a regular check on what their children are doing on the internet. Establishing rules and regulations together about how, when and where the internet can be used can help parents and children in a secured position. Another thing that parents can do is to set up parental controls on their devices to reduce online risks, particularly for the younger generation. Identification of appropriate online tools for recreational activities can motivate children.


A lot of us have a specific area at home in which we do our work, in the same way, it is very important that parents create a similar space for their child in order to encourage learning. As Best CBSE Girls Boarding school in India have designated classrooms for children, in the similar manner, parents can create a small space which is quiet, comfortable and is strictly dedicated to learning. This learning space should be a distant set-up than where they normally play games, watch television or sleep. Parents may even have some control over the syllabus and what they are learning. The goal is to help empower the child to see learning as something they have control of and that inquisitiveness can lead them to places.


Helping students understand their subject and lessons is one of the crucial remote learning tips for parents. This depends on a lot of factors because how this happens is complicated and differs greatly from student to student and from junior to senior class. Parents can help their kids in whatsoever manner possible. The main aspect is to sit with your child and spend some time to analyse the way they learn and understand their subjects. The bottom line is that helping your child understand the content is definitely part of the very basic range of tips.


While this period is most certainly not a holiday for you as well as for your kids, it’s very important to have some fun activities with your children while they are at home. Earlier it used to be very rare to have this much time with your children, so the Best Boarding School in India recommends to use it as an opportunity to bond and connect. You can organise and play several games together, teach them gardening or no gas cooking and make them do some physical workout with you. Allow them to have breaks in between and also plan their mealtime. Encourage them to get up and get some fresh air or go for a or have a snack so that they don’t feel monotonous.

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