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7 Reasons Why You Should Consider Sending Your Child to Boarding School

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As a parent, the decision to send one’s child to a boarding school can be one of the most difficult one to make. On one hand, CBSE schools in Dehradun offer an exponential learning and scholastic experience that they won’t receive from a local day school. While on the other hand, boarding schools means that the parents won’t see their child every day and will have limited involvement in their upbringing. Boarding school may not be suitable for every child but for many it can offer an immense upliftment to their personal and academic development. Finally when parents decide that boarding schools are the right step for their children, the next step is to find the perfect one to ensure that their child fosters in the new environment. Here are top 7 reasons that parents should consider when sending their child to a boarding school.

  1. Boarding schools offer top notch education to the students: Boarding schools are considered to be a place where you child receives world class education. Best Boarding School in India are known to offer remarkable academics available to the students. The passion of the school helps to inspire children and to encourage their drive to achieve pastorally and academically. Also, at boarding schools, students are offered in-depth knowledge of the subject wherein they are given multiple texts and the required time to examine the subject in detail.
  1. Boarding schools foster independence: Sending your child to a boarding school will develop his/her self-reliance and will also introduce them to the idea of being away from home. This feature helps students in future when they go for their further studies to universities and find the campus life much easier as they already spent time as a boarder in the Best CBSE Boarding School in India. The boarding school experience of such students also equips them with a selection of social skills that will help them in their future. The students are taught to do their own chores that includes their laundry, cleaning their bed, checking on their clothes among other skills. Being in control of their own time means that they develop strong organisational skills, including independent working and revision.

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  1. Extracurricular Offerings at CBSE schools in Dehradun: Living in a boarding school means that your child will have much more time outside of school hours to take part in extracurricular activities including sports, art & craft, dance, singing, theatre among many more. The nature of Boarding schools allow students to invest more time in their interests, simply because they have more time. In boarding schools, teaching never stops even when the academic learning is over. Boarding schools have always so much more to offer their students.
  2. Strong pastoral care and support: The most important role of a boarding school teacher starts after when their class is over. Some of them are also designated senior people in charge of the boarding houses. A lot of subject teachers have a dual role wherein they not only teach the students but also become their guardians and let the children discuss any concerns with them. They can discuss things related to their studies or even on matters of personal issues. In addition, Boarding School in India offers personal counselling to the students if there are any issues they feel the need to discuss.
  3. Boarding school offers wholesome education: The academics of boarding school are characteristically determined, but there’s more to life than books and so the leaders of the boarding school are very much aware of this. Teachers and staff at the boarding schools are committed to helping students develop social and life skills along with extracurricular involvement. Boarding school provides a safe and supportive atmosphere in which students flourish and prosper into productive adults of the society.

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  1. Passionate teachers: Conventional day schools often have excellent teachers but boarding schools generally hire teachers that have advanced degrees in their subject thus ensuring a standard of education that is exceptional and unmatched. The teachers at boarding schools are incredibly passionate about teaching. The teachers not only educate the students but also nurture them at the same time. Qualified and professional faculty is one of the strong indications of the school’s ability to positively influence the students academic and emotional growth.
  2. Fewer Distractions: At home, children can easily get distracted due to television, social media, relatives visit and play stations. Even if a child tries to focus on his/her study, the temptation of being distracted is all too prevalent. In contrast, the Best CBSE Boarding School in India offers an environment that is mainly set up to be conducive to learning. The ever-present warden plays an integral role in limiting such everyday disruptions thus encouraging the students to focus on learning.
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