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Schools play a significant role in every individual’s life. We learn a lot of valuable lessons while walking down the school’s hallways. Many have always considered schooling in India to be supremely hands-on and provide an excellent learning experience. School often helps children develop strong problem-solving skills and encourages them to work on their weaknesses and build up their strengths.
The best Boarding schools in India provide features and facilities, including sports, dance, and music to advanced technology. It has boarding facilities that include small premises, good maintenance, and eco-friendly surroundings.

Are there any advantages of Boarding schools?

Well yes. Boarding Schools have many advantages. Some of them are:
•Boarding Schools help students practice the qualities needed to make a successful transition from adolescence to adulthood.
•A lot of students are learning to be more self-reliant by handling various situations that arise at school, on campus, or even with other people.
•Students develop a more confident and extroverted personality.
•They get a chance to engage in various extracurricular activities and show better abilities in multiple exercises.

Boarding Schools offer Holistic Growth.

Although many parents may not be comfortable with the idea of sending their child off to an unknown environment, the most excellent boarding schools in India with world-class facilities provide students with a favorable setting for embarking on life’s journey toward success. These boarding schools offer excellent learning opportunities and emotional support, activities, and various recreational programs.
We all want the best for our children, but when it comes down to deciding which path to take for their education, it can be not easy. There are so many decisions to make that affect them in one way or another that sometimes making the right one is challenging. Deciding to send your child to boarding school is not an easy choice for a parent. Boarding schools offer students a chance to learn and develop into strong young adults. Still, they also come with responsibilities and obligations that an average home setting might not provide for.

What should be the criteria to select the best boarding school in India CBSE?

Every student has to go through the college prep classes before their 12th grade. Their entire academic life depends fully on this period. They are entering a period of super pressure, where parents have to be very careful in deciding what would be the best boarding school for their child. Choosing a boarding school is difficult because every parent wishes to give their kid the best possible education, so they spend a lot of time researching. Still, unfortunately, they are not able to determine what should have been done during that period. Here are some tips that might help parents looking forward to selecting the right boarding school for their child.

Past Results:

Check the school’s recent results from the past few years to see how they perform in helping students get into prestigious universities. Check their ranking and student testimonies for a better idea of how the subject material is being taught and see if other students have succeeded with this type of instruction!

Student-Teacher Ratio

The student-to-teacher ratio and the general quality of teaching staff, financial aid counselors, and campus administration should play a significant role in the decision-making process. These individuals will be responsible for your child’s education during a crucial phase in their life!

Location of the School

Schools are crucial for shaping the future of our children. The location where you choose to enroll your child shouldn’t be strictly based on proximity. The best residential boarding school in India provides a stimulating and nurturing environment – a place where your child can thrive, let lose their imagination, and realize their full potential. Ensure the school is well-equipped to keep up with all of your child’s needs, including maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Once you’ve decided on the right location for your child’s education, take some time to look around the school. Great resources such as libraries or sporting facilities should allow children from our school to maintain good grades while having fun.

Your Requirements from the school:

When thinking about schools, it’s best to have a range of opinions in mind. A school’s location, teacher-student ratio, and intellectual caliber are extremely important to consider when choosing an institution. To help you reach your ideal school, consider Tula’s International School, which has earned excellent ratings for nurturing future leaders and takes pride in developing them! Important factors like location and quality of teachers also play a crucial role when evaluating any school.

Fee Structure:

It’s important to find a school whose schedules and class structures best fit your schedule. Start by deciding on your goals to match those with the courses available at each institution. Consider what costs will be involved, including all additional fees such as application and enrollment (if an entrance exam has to be taken), first and last month’s rent (that should also include utilities like gas and electricity), maintenance fees (if any), transport, books, food, etc.


Parents can communicate with the school in many ways, but prioritizing clear and open communication is just as important as keeping open lines of dialogue between all parties involved. This kind of transparency makes it easier for all of those involved – teachers, students, parents, administrators – to become informed about the activities taking place at the school. The best residential boarding school in India understand this so that everyone understands what’s going on during each day or semester of discussion.

These are the basic things you should keep in mind when searching for the best boarding school in India CBSE. You have to be careful that the school’s ideals match your idea of the perfect education place for your child. Most importantly, these years are when children are molded into people who can think independently. Choose wisely to ensure that their growth is directed towards success instead of failure, and they will transition smoothly from one stage to the next without feeling lost. The very concept of school is meant to make children enter adulthood with ease, so don’t let it stop them from developing fully!

Here is a list of the Best Co-ed Boarding Schools in India

1. Ecole Globale International Girls School, Dehradun

With a vision and mission to enthrall the mind of girl children with their creative, intellectual, and physical capacity to excel, Ecole Globale has established itself as the leading girls boarding school in the country. The campus is located in Dehradun, constructed over 45 acres; the campus spreads, encompassing new facilities ideal for learning and growing within an immaculate environment. The view gives way to a spectacular setting of lush green landscapes and stunning mountains – quite different from any other school in India. The weather is generally pleasant and provides a peaceful shield for visitors and students alike to expand and improve themselves.
Ecole Globale is affiliated with CBSE and CAIE and is known to provide students with favorable global exposure.

2. Tula’s International School

Tula’s International School is the best boarding school in India. The school aims to foster a spirit of companionship and tolerance, a sense of harmony, unbiased thinking, and a worldview. TIS was founded in 2013, is the best residential boarding school in India, and is affiliated with the CBSE. It offers education from kindergarten – class 12th
The school campus hosts spacious classrooms with enough seating for everyone, well-equipped laboratories for biology, physics, and chemistry with enough tools to go around, a state-of-the-art computer department with an IT center accessible at any time of day. The school library is stuffed with books, among which you will find great guides covering all sorts of different topics or some fun reads if you feel like relaxing!
To help foster their creativity, help them gain social skills like teamwork, problem-solving & leadership, students are encouraged to participate in a wide array of non-scholastic activities such as dance and music, art and crafts, societies and clubs, and many sports!

3. The Asian School, Dehradun

The Asian School is committed to improving young students’ academic, extracurricular, and social skills development. It is dedicated to molding students into confident, skillful, and well-rounded individuals equipped with the life skills required to shine in the future. It provides the highest quality education in a supportive, caring environment that emphasizes values, student-centredness, creativity, academic excellence, and lifelong learning through holistic development. The Asian School was established in the year 2000 and has made its mark by giving excellent performances. The school is affiliated with the CBSE and CAIE and provides the students with global exposure.

4. Woodstock School, Mussoorie

This boarding school is one of the best institutions located in a tranquil place that instills the head, heart, and soul. The education provided at this institution is of international standards. Added to all these aspects is the boarding school’s recognition as an institute providing a top-notch education. Students may learn global influences and even have specialties with internationally known universities worldwide.

5. Rishi Valley School, Chittoor

Rishi Valley School is a coed boarding school located in Andhra Pradesh, India. Founded by Jiddu Krishnamurti, the school also serves as an independent university for higher studies. It was established in 1926 to go from 4th to 12th-grade examinations. Today, students are sent here to pursue various other certificate-level programs offered at the school’s curriculum for young adults. At Rishi Valley, students are provided special attention and additional support that empowers them to become well-rounded citizens of tomorrow. Dedicated and passionate teachers guide their students every day!

6. The Lawrance School, Sanawar

It is one of the oldest coed boarding schools in Asia. The Lawrence School is also a member of the Round Square Conference, an association of schools from around the globe committed to furthering education for students with a wide spectrum of different strengths and skills.
The school is affiliated with CBSE. Many notable figures who have served in India’s armed forces have sent their children here, including Omar Abdullah, Maneka Gandhi, and Bollywood actress Preity Zinta.

The Final Word

All the schools mentioned above have the latest and most cutting-edge technological facilities, aiding students to learn more and be competitive. The infrastructure and supporting systems are sophisticated, and the societies within each student body are very positive for all parties concerned. The teachers employed by these institutions are among the best in their field of education-related service, ensuring our young sports stars receive high standards of expertise to succeed at such an important point in such an important sporting discipline. They are indeed the best coed boarding schools in India.

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