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Nestled amidst Doon Valley in the state of Uttarakhand, Dehradun is surrounded by verdant greenery in the Himalayan foothills. Also known as the school capital of India, it takes immense pride in being home to some of the finest schools and colleges of all times. Over the years, it has emerged as the education hub of India; with its host of academic centres attracting a bunch of students from both Indian states and neighbouring countries. Tula’s International School (TIS) is a Best co-ed residential school in Dehradun, which aims to contribute to the overall development of its students. It is affiliated to CBSE board and boasts of a lush green campus sprawled across 22 acres of land. TIS is also equipped with all the modern amenities in the educational facilities, in an attempt to serve its students to the best of its capacity.

Best Co-ed Boarding School in Dehradun

As a top residential school in Dehradun for boys and girls, Tula’s International School provides its students with outstanding housing facilities, keeping all their needs and desires in mind. Also known as the Modern Gurukul, it strikes the perfect balance between age-old traditions and state-of-the-art advancements. The efficient team of teachers continually look for ways to stay ahead of the curve while offering quality education to its students in an attempt to prepare them to make their ways into the real world. Additionally, its progressive workforce also offers digital workstations to its students, which play a significant role in broadening their horizons.

The main objective of Tula’s International School is to train its students to stand on their feet, eventually transforming them into well-rounded professionals; fully aware of their social, ethical and environmental obligations towards themselves and the society in general. Tula’s International school has emerged as a top co-ed residential school in Dehradun for girls, for advocating a holistic approach to learning; very well ahead of its time. Hence, the school lays a lot of emphasising on creativity as an integral part of its students’ overall development. Additionally, its spacious, well-ventilated and stocked library helps its students in forming a better understanding of their theoretical knowledge. It also has an entire gamut of non-scholastic books that aim to encourage them to incorporate reading as a part of their routines. TIS is a firm believer in ‘a sound mind resides in a sound body’ and offers a total of 16 Olympic sports activities to its students to inculcate a spirit of healthy competition and teamwork in them. The school has also appointed professionals that help these students to hone their skills in any particular sport they wish to excel in. Subsequently, it ensures that its students are being fed hygienic as well as nutritious food on a regular basis.

Best Boarding School in Dehradun

Tula’s International School gives utmost importance to nurturing the young minds above and beyond the scope of academics. Hence, one of its salient features constitutes of the laboratory area. Usually, there’s a lot of hustle and bustle around the school’s well-equipped science labs. This indicates that these students enjoy the process of practical learning where they are endowed with an opportunity to better understand the workings of their subject matters.

With globalization at its peak, learning of a third language besides one’s mother tongue and English has become a mandate. Therefore, TIS gives its students an opportunity to learn German and French to help them take up more challenging roles in the international markets. This top residential school in Dehradun for boys and girls has left no stone unturned in providing its students with the best of facilities with regard to both academics and extracurricular activities. Subsequently, TIS also takes care of everything that the students need, starting right from their safety concerns to their diets, mental health, peer group, and relations etc. All these matters are handled by the authorities in an attempt to make this residential, academic centre a home away from home for all of its students!

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