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Boarding School Culture in INDIA

The decision to send your child to an international boarding school is a weighty one that comes with great risks and rewards.

The opportunities that come from studying in a boarding school at a young age helps prepare the students for a rich, diverse academic as well as professional life.In addition to an excellent education, boarding schools impart such values as consideration, responsibility and reliability, due to the child’s daily interaction with his/her teachers and schoolmates. At Tula’s International we bestow on students what they not only want but need—a calibrated independence.

Living on campus provides an unparalleled setting for learning how to live with and among peers, and provides countless teachable moments for mentors to reinforce the myriad lessons of both school and life. What stands out the most is that boarding schools offer chances, which cannot be acquired in an ordinary school or by, contact with family and friends.

The crucial difference between so-called day schools and Boarding Schools is the fact that the day school is only a part of the child’s daily life, while the home continues to be his or her center of gravity, his or her place of personal growth, emotional development and refuge. The boarding school is, as it always was, the all-and-all corporation, co-opting all aspects of the child life.

We at Tula’s International School have been wary of the changing culture and the mindset of the parents and thus have carefully inculcated the same in our curriculum, which is among the most key-factor responsible  for the growth of the child.

At TIS, our curriculum revolves around the child. The child’s participation, experience, voice and opinion are what matters to us the most. Our mission as parents and mentors is to enable our children realize they’re potential and make their dreams come true and with this in mind we have started our journey of being ranked as one of the Top International school in Dehradun.

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