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top co-ed boarding schools in Uttarakhand

Choosing a residential school or a boarding school for children is never easy for the parents. They try to look for the best boarding school where their child would get grooming, learn discipline and learn the skills that will make them stand distinguished from the crowd. A co-ed school is always a preferred choice over an all-girls’/boys’ school because when boys and girls study together from an early age, they break free from the shackles of hesitation. Also, they learn to present themselves and respect each other’s boundaries. The best boarding schools are found in Uttarakhand. Dehradun is the capital city of Uttarakhand and the education capital of India where parents enrol their children including children from neighbouring countries to shape their children’s future. Tula’s International School, Dehradun is the best co-ed boarding school in Uttarakhand.

It is better to choose a boarding school over a day school because the grooming in a boarding school is better than a day school. A boarding school focuses on the overall development of a student by developing a sense of routine in them. A co-ed boarding school teaches both girls and boys alike by focussing on the equality between the two genders and breaking the gender barriers. Both girls and boys should study and grow together in a healthy and harmonious environment so that they do not face challenges while communicating when they grow up. While searching for the best “co-ed boarding school Uttarakhand,” here are the facilities to look for in the top boarding schools in Uttarakhand:

  • The most important criterion before finalising the best co-ed boarding school in Uttarakhand is to check how secure and safe the environment of the school is. With regular rape incidents and child abuse news, it is suggested to send your child to a residential school where they are always under the vigilance of the cameras and security guards. Tula’s International School, Dehradun ensures top-notch security of the children. The 22-acre campus is installed with CCTV cameras and is under surveillance round the clock with guards on duty at all hours. Bullying and ragging come under the zero-tolerance policies and no such practices exist at the school.

How to choose the best CBSE Girl Boarding School in Uttarakhand

  • It is very important to check the academics before finalising on the school. One of Uttarakhand’s co-ed boarding schools, Tula’s International School, Dehradun is affiliated to CBSE board with prolific and esteemed academicians and teachers on the faculty panel. The students study together in the same classroom where children are taught with advanced teaching methods like digital learning and practical demonstrations of theory. The digital library at Tula’s International School offers more than twenty thousand books where every student finds a book of their interest. The laboratories are well equipped and the computer labs have high-speed internet with the latest computer systems so that the low internet speed does not hamper their productivity.
  • When parents weigh their list to choose the best “co-ed boarding school Uttarakhand”, it is important to note what pastoral care does the school offer. A good boarding school must have wardens and house parents to look after the children in the hostel. Also, there should be an arrangement for private tutors who could help the students with some subjects that they lag in to help them cope with the lapse. Children in their teenage are hormonal and a bit difficult. It is important to have counsellors on board who can guide children to tackle their emotional issues and help them move past their anxiety and puberty issues.
  • A good boarding school must have a well-planned curriculum where both sports and studies are given equal emphasis along with extra-curricular activities. One of Uttarakhand’s co-ed boarding schools, Tula’s International has a curriculum planned by expert academicians. The day starts at 6 AM at the Modern Gurukul with a run and exercise in the big field followed by breakfast and a prayer assembly. The school offers more than sixteen activities to choose from. Every indoor and outdoor activity has professional coaches and teachers who impart these skills to the students. Sports is very important for the all-round development of a student. The lights go out at 10 PM and every child gets a minimum of eight hours of sleep.
  • Tula’s International School Dehradun is the Modern Gurukul where old values are revamped with a modern touch and teaching is imparted with advanced methods. The school is very particular about food. Every student gets 4 meals a day rich in nutrients. A healthy balanced diet is mandatory for the students.

Tula’s International School Dehradun is the best co-ed boarding school in Uttarakhand where the focus is on the all-round development of a child. It is the place where the mind sharpens, the body strengthens and the soul nourishes.

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