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Best Co-ed Boarding School in India

Best Boarding School in Dehradun offers numerous value based benefits to students. The decision to send one’s child to a boarding school is the first step which is the crucial decision for any parent. Values-based education is an approach that several boarding schools apply in their teaching. It creates a firm learning atmosphere that enhances scholastic achievement and develops students’ societal and relationship skills that last forever. The boarding schools tend to create a positive learning environment which is attained through the positive values designed by staff throughout the school. It promptly liberates teachers and students from the stress of confrontational connections, which frees up considerable teaching and learning time. Such skills offer social ability to students, facilitating them with social and relationship skills, intellectual and perspective to succeed in life.

At Best Co-ed Boarding School in Dehradun, it is our aim to uplift quality education by advancing school ethos which is underpinned by core values. These values support the overall evolution of the child as a reflective learner within a serene, kind, joyful and determined environment. However, what makes most boarding schools add value to any child’s life is by organising the vast number of activities, events, and challenges available to students on a regular basis. The kind of education that any boarding school offers makes a child independent by doing his/her own work that includes laundry, cleaning and doing their daily chores. Boarding schools are considered to be a good place where students learn to fail as well as succeed thus making the school a  great place for them to learn.

A residential school challenges students to develop their interpersonal skills so to learn how to live and deal with the people around. Enrolling in Good boarding schools in Dehradun is a life changing experience in learning which also allows you to connect with others. The framework of Tula’s International School offers a positive foundation for the physical, mental, emotional and communal development of the students. The school assemblies that are being held daily and the lessons taught to the students focus deeply on the values progressively so that a student can deepen and challenge his/her understanding. In the school, children are taught how their school values support everything that their school does and this gives a meaningful context to the values of our society. Values-based schools ensure that ethics and moral values are introduced, discussed and practiced throughout the wider values-based philosophy that instils the ethos and work of the school. The skills and characteristics developed through the teaching of values are known to enhance the curriculum and students learning behaviours, and elevate achievement, attendance and students wellbeing.

Purposeful adventures : The schools organises educational and learning trips from time to time for the students. Such trips create a lot of enriching experiences along with fun learning for the students. The Best Co-ed Boarding School in Dehradun actively offers students with interesting and meaningful adventures, educational school trips and outdoor learning opportunities which are also an important part of their curriculum. Thus it helps in promoting the importance of allowing students to connect with the outdoor world, and the substantial and inspirational lessons to be learned by taking them outside.

Co-ed Boarding School in India

Value-based education: In some of the residential schools is essential for the holistic development of a child. It develops a well-balanced individual with a powerful character and principles. Tula’s International School, recognised as one of the Best Boarding School in Dehradun is one such school which not only focuses on academics but also offers its students with value based education. This ‘Modern Gurukul’ lays emphasis on valued-based education by inculcating ethics, life skills, principles along with several other personality traits in the students so that they come out to be victorious individuals. The school focuses on the following skills for the students which imbibes within them the values that they require to live their life in a right manner.

Building self esteem: Along with all the physical benefits that the school offers, the students also get a positive effect on their self esteem and confidence which also improves their emotional well being. Even during the down time of a boarding school where children can unwind, play and eat their tuck is hugely important in allowing children to make their own decisions and find out who they are. In residential schools children have an opportunity to claim their independence, make their own decisions and build new relationships. Undoubtedly, Good boarding schools in Dehradun bring about a positive and long term change for both students and teachers in and out of the classroom.

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