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Top Girls Boarding school in Dehradun

All boarding schools cater to a wide variety of children but what they all have in common is care and concern for each child, making sure that their boarding life is a safe and happy environment. The Best Residential School in Dehradun is among some of the most popular boarding schools, which offers a co-ed study program. Apart from providing good education, co-ed boarding schools also offer excellent extra-curricular activities, including sports, drama and music.  Parents in India choose Co-ed boarding schools because they have the benefits of a Co-ed school and a boarding school. Several boarding schools have proficient facilities, so it is worth finding that one school that caters to the child’s requirements. The co-ed boarding schools offer a specialised curriculum emphasising on developing students both socially and intellectually. This kind of organised community allows students and teachers to flourish, co-exist in a social environment that promotes mutual dignity and independence. Students interact and work together on a daily basis and the coeducational schooling gives the child the right opportunity to learn and socialise alongside the opposite gender, making them ready for life after school.

Below mentioned are important aspects to consider when planning to choose the Best CBSE Boarding School in Uttarakhand.

1. Discipline & Pastoral Care:

Boarding schools are best known as a child’s home away from home and are therefore responsible for the child’s overall well-being. To ensure discipline and focus, a formulated workday is imposed. Time for extracurricular activities is also allocated. Apart from this, boarding house wardens are also responsible for taking care of the child’s day-to-day needs, such as their dietary requirements, mental and physical health among many more. Understanding the school’s policies will make the parents more secure about sending their children to the Best girls CBSE boarding schools in Dehradun.

Top CBSE Boarding School in India

2. Extra-Curricular Activities:

While choosing the best CBSE boarding school, parents must consider whether the school offers extracurricular activities. For students who play competitive sports, the Best Residential School in Dehradun provides a qualified coach as well as a program for the student to succeed. Moreover, students who have an interest in theatre or dance might choose a boarding school to ensure they can develop that specific skill. The availability and the nature of extracurricular activities in a school should always be considered while choosing the best boarding school for your child. A child may have a distinct talent and choosing a school that doesn’t have the right facilities to advance these talents shouldn’t be considered.

3. Core Curriculum at the Best CBSE Boarding School in Uttarakhand:

The most important factor to be considered while choosing the best CBSE boarding school has to be its curriculum. The curriculum should be comprehensive and exhaustive. Since the students in a boarding school don’t often get to meet their parents, it is the duty of the parents to check upon the viability of the curriculum and its quality. The curriculum at the best boarding school trains students in a wide range of disciplines while developing their critical thinking, time management, leadership and teamwork skills. It’s a perfect match for those who believe in the importance of education in bringing communities together and inspiring students to make an impact globally.

4. Overseas and Diversity Support Staff:

Diversity is also an important aspect and one must check the institution’s commitment diversity to help them adjust. No matter how resilient and independent a child is, a supportive and engaging community is going to be critical for the child to make good friends and do well in school. Without new friends and activities to engross them, some children may become alone and secluded, which can lead to emotional and behavioural issues like depression, acting out, withdrawing, regression, anger and even physical illness. The Best girls CBSE boarding schools in Dehradun ensures that students care if of utmost priority.

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