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Best Co-ed Boarding School in India

India has many esteemed and well-renowned schools. Where some are residential schools and the other day schools, most of the good schools are affiliated to CBSE board because the pressure of studies in a CBSE board is comparatively lesser than that of an ICSE board. The secondary subjects get eliminated in the CBSE board and so the students can get more time to focus on the mandatory subjects. This helps them to ace their exams with flying colour. There are many CBSE co-ed residential schools in India but very few of them offer quality education and grooming.

A co-ed school is always better than an all-boys’ or an all-girls’ school because the atmosphere in a co-ed school makes children communicate with one another at a young age where they learn to co-exist together to understand equality. The girls and boys also break-free from the shackles of hesitation, shyness and intimidation and learn about respecting the opposite gender’s boundaries. Tula’s International School Dehradun is renowned to be India’s best CBSE affiliated co-ed boarding residential school with an all India rank at no.7. Before parents choose the best co-ed residential school for their children, they must keep a few points in mind.

• Location: The state or town where the school is located is important. In metropolitan cities like Delhi and Mumbai, the crowd and the pollution level can take a toll on children. The air quality makes them sick. The children are very distracted with the facilities and nightlife that these metropolitan cities offer. Dehradun is the education capital of India where children from all parts of the country come to shape their future with quality education. Tula’s Education is one of the best CBSE co-ed residential schools in India where children from the neighbouring countries have been enrolled as well. The lush green 22-acre campus is situated away from the hustle and bustle of the city and offers a serene environment to the students.

• Safety: The atrocious incidents happening to girls and kidnapping cases make one’s hair stand on their end. Parents get sleepless nights worrying about their children. India’s best CBSE affiliated co-ed boarding residential school, Tula’s International School is located in Doon Valley where children are given a home away from home. The round the clock CCTV surveillance and the guards on duty are extremely vigilant and ensure that there is no breach in meeting the safety standards of your children.

• Fee Structure: The fee structure in a school should be such that does not burn a hole in your pocket and exhaust all your savings. Where education is extremely expensive in cities like Delhi and Mumbai, the cost of living in Dehradun is comparatively cheaper and the education is far better than any other city and hence Tula’s International is one of the most affordable and the best CBSE co-ed residential schools in India.

best co ed boarding schools in dehradun

• Academics: Since Dehradun is the education capital of India, it also has the best teachers and scholars. A good boarding school must have excellent teachers on the panel. Tula’s International School, India’s best CBSE affiliated co-ed boarding residential school. The school is affiliated to CBSE board where students have only the mandatory subjects to focus on and also get time to prepare for entrance exams like JEE and IIT. Students at Modern Gurukul learn with advanced learning methods with well-equipped computer laboratories, library with more than 20000 books and state of the art science laboratories.

• Hostel Facility: A good CBSE co-ed residential school, India will always offer a hostel facility that feels like a home away from home. Constructed with modern amenities, life at Tula’s International School is very chirpy and peaceful. The wardens help students with their regular chores. The children get four meals a day following a complete balanced diet with all the necessary nutrients.

• Extra-curricular activities: A good residential school must have options in extra-curricular activities so that the children do not feel monotony while studying at all hours. Tula’s International School offers more than sixteen options to choose from both indoor and outdoor activities. The campus has playgrounds for sports like cricket, football, volleyball and basketball court along with a tennis court, seven-lane shooting range and a massive swimming pool. There is a coach for every sport who polishes children at their existing skills. There are also indoor activities like music, painting, pottery making, table tennis, chess and many more.

While considering the top CBSE co-ed residential school, India, Tula’s International School, Dehradun ranks at no. 7. The school provides an excellent education to students and also prepares them for their competitive exams. With a collaboration with more than sixteen international universities, the school also helps children in fulfilling their dream of educating their children overseas.

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