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How To Select The Best CBSE Residential Schools In Dehradun

It is always preferred to enrol your child in a residential school over a day school. Your child at a tender age is like an untapped resource and a boarding school makes sure to utilise it and polish it to its highest potential. It is also suggested to choose a co-ed residential school because it rescues the children from hesitation and breaks the ice when boys and girls become friendly at an early age. They learn about each other’s behaviour and learn to draw and respect one another’s boundaries.

While shortlisting the residential schools in Dehradun, one must always opt for a boarding school that is affiliated to CBSE board for CBSE board is comparatively easier and also less burdensome. It focuses only on the necessary subjects and prepares the students for higher competitive exams like JEE and IIT.

Tula’s International School is one of the best options recommended while selecting the top CBSE residential schools in Dehradun. With an all India rank of no.8, Tula’s holds an excellent reputation in not just Dehradun but the entire country. Cradled in the beautiful Doon valley amidst verdant trees and away from the pollution of the city, the 22-acre campus offers a beautiful and serene environment for students to learn and spread their wings.
While we have given multiple reasons as to why choose a boarding school over day school, and CBSE board over an ISCE, let us take note of other important factors that play a vital role in deciding how to choose the best CBSE residential school:-

How to select the best CBSE Residential Schools

  • Faculty: Tula’s International School calls themselves the “Modern Gurukul” which practices an amalgamation of old methods with modern teaching techniques. The school takes immense pride in its faculty that is proficient and the master of their subject. Tula’s International is the place where the mind sharpens, where the body strengthens and where the soul nourishes.
  • Co-ed Education: It is very important to enrol your child in a co-ed school because it promotes diversity and also encourages socialisation. Tula’s is one of the best co-ed residential schools that prepares the students for the real world by improving their social and communication skills.
  • Digital Learning: Change is the only thing permanent in life. It is very important to evolve with time and be easily adaptable to changes. Gone are the days where the students would fix their eyes on the blackboard and learn about the water cycle and other concepts of science. Tula’s International promotes digital learning with visual brain mapping techniques that give students a better understanding of what is theoretically mentioned in the textbooks.
  • Laboratories: Practical knowledge is way more important than theoretical. Both the computer and science laboratories at Tula’s International are equipped with state of the art equipment where students can perform experiments under the vigilance of their teachers. Even the computer laboratories have new computers with high-speed internet to help children learn faster.
  • Grooming: When a child enters adolescence, they are extremely conscious about their appearance. Hormonal changes tend to be overwhelming. Tula’s International has a special salon for all the students where they get individual attention along with grooming so that they never have to bear the brunt of being shabby and untidy.
  • Sports: Being fit is the most important aspect of a student’s well being. With options galore, we confuse the students to choose their favourite sport. Be it martial arts or shooting, horse riding or swimming, Tula’s International is one of the best CBSE residential schools in Dehradun to offer a choice among sixteen plus sports.
  • Safety: Youngblood is always curious and always on the lookout for an adrenaline rush. Tula’s International ensures that students are well behaved within the school premises and also beyond. Once their recreation is over, they have to report to their hostel before the lights are out and the defaulters are penalised heavily. The CCTV cameras and the wardens always watch on them and ensure that the children and safe and secure. Discipline is embedded among the students at their tender years and no acts of rebellion are entertained.

Tula’s International has slowly but steadily set a niche for itself and climbed a ladder worth adulation. Ranked amongst the top CBSE schools in Dehradun, it has everything that your child needs from academics to sports and personal attention to make your child excel at their grades. Having a collaboration with sixteen esteemed international universities, it also makes your dream of educating your child overseas come true.

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