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As we know that the New Education Policy 2020 has replaced the old Education system in our country after a long time period of 34 years, it would bring about a change in the overall education scenario of India along with the Best Boarding School in Dehradun. The adoption of the New Education Policy is based on the recommendations of KasturiRangan Committee. These new education norms have numerous upsides which would prove to be efficient over the old ongoing policy. Following are some of the key highlights of the New Education Policy 2020, which would affect the future of education system in India:

• Offering Flexibility:

The New Education Policy 2020 will make the education system more flexible right from the kindergarten level thus breaking up the traditional 10+2 system and adapting to 5+3+3+4 (kindergarten & Class 1-2 + Class 3-5 + Class 6-8 +Class 9-12). This will help in categorising the years of study at the Best CBSE Coed boarding schools in India so that the focus doesn’t always go on the grades of10th and 12th which leads to sudden pressure on students. The policy ensures balanced distribution at each level of education. The duration of the programs are also revised and are made flexible at higher education level. The new policy offers a UG program that can be completed in 3 or 4 years whereas a PG program can be accomplished in 1 or 2 years with major/minor subjects of students interest. Another important feature that has been added is that each student will be eligible for a certificate of diploma for the period they have studied, so that they will not be required to repeat the completed years in case if they take a period off facilitating multiple entry/exit points in the system.

• Significant inclusions in the policy:

Some of the significant and long due features have been added in the new education policy of 2020. The Indian Sign Language is to be standardised in our education system. It is one of the notable moves that teaches students in the formative years of their life to include fellow classmates who are auditory or visually impaired and that they are not alienated or left out in any matter. Another inclusion is of the vocational activities that includes poetry, coding and other extra-curricular courses which shall be included from 6th standard at the Best CBSE boarding schools in India. One of the best things about including such courses early in life is that as a student, we know about a few subjects only if we get to learn them. For example, many of us didn’t know about coding till we got into Engineering and few of us didn’t quite like the subject, but it was too late to realise that. Thus students just used to complete the courses without real interest in them. In the NEP 2020, the students will get to explore their interests as the policy accommodates such facilities.

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•Diversification at the Best Boarding School in Dehradun:

Under the NEP 2020, the Higher Educational Institutions are to become multi-disciplinary by 2040. This means that there will not be a fixed segregation between Arts, Commerce and Science, thus allowing a student to choose and explore any stream according to his/her interest. This is to invigorate cross-functional thinking among students.

• Assessment:

The new education policy has changed the way we used to see report cards and judge students on the basis of the same. Unlike the traditional old report card system, students will now be evaluated on the basis of self-assessment, peer assessment and teacher assessment at the Best CBSE Coed boarding schools in India. Under the NEP 2020, this kind of assessment offers a structured learning practice for students to analyse and give feedback to each other on their work. This system will also provide students with the skills to self-assess and progress on their work.

•Going Global:

The New Education Policy gives an opportunity to the top 100 International Universities to open their branches in India. Moreover, a digital locker facility will be provided for each student to maintain an academic bank of credit and will make the transfer of credits easy. Thus going global refers that Indian students can get their education in their own country itself by enrolling in the best universities and also that foreign students can come to India for the same.

All-in-all, the New Education Policy 2020 would definitely prove to be a game-changer for the Best CBSE boarding schools in India with respect to the education system in our country, although it would take some time to see how things come to fruition. Let’s hope the best for the next generation!

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