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Games are an integral part of any school’s curriculum and also have a major impact on students overall academic success. Boarding Schools of Dehradun are a place where not only knowledge is imbibed but also where the overall growth and development of a child takes place. Sports are considered as an important part of the learning experience as it opens up several opportunities. When a child lives and studies inside a boarding school, he/she limits the scope of physical movement and thus games are the only way to stay fit and healthy. In boarding schools, sports are more than just important as the same is essential for the systematic development of all the students.

Through this article, let’s have a look at what is the impact of sports/childhood games in boarding schools.

1. Students get to learn outside the classroom:

Sports is more than just a game as it teaches children the qualities of leadership and physics. The right infrastructure of a boarding school lets the teachers take lessons out of the classrooms and break the monotony of daily routine which, in turn, helps students to engage better. Additionally, learning through an activity creates experiences that are easier for young minds to memorise than just plain text. Regular involvement in sports allows children to learn several things.

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2. Sports at the Sports Boarding School in Dehradun improve attention:

It is said that sports play an integral part in improving the attention of young minds. The hippocampus area of a human brain is accountable for most of the understanding and knowledge retention. The better it is enhanced, the higher are the students’ performance. One of the best ways to develop it is by doing physical activity. Sport helps in improving attention, focus and concentration in the class.

3. Develops various skills:

Teamwork, willpower, dealing with failure, constant learning, thinking out of the box and leading from the front, boarding school students tend to pick up these effectively while playing games. The boarding schools tend to engage in multiple sports as each game helps in developing one skill or the other. Students get to make mistakes, learn through intrinsic motivation and come out as the winner.

4. Healthy competition:

Sport is recognised as one such medium through which students can engage in healthy competition at the Boarding Schools of Dehradun. Playing with a motive of good competition within the team enables students to perform better. This sense of competition achieved through sports is also manifested in the classrooms. Students learn to set high ambitions, try to achieve through utter will and perform at standards that excel their own.

5. Physical Literacy:

Games help in developing the movement skills of children. In addition to improving physical literacy, students tend to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Physical activities help children to be medically fit with a healthy heart, bones, muscles, and lungs. Physical activity of students also keeps them away from depression and laziness.

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6. Active Brain Functioning:

Sports plays a crucial role in developing active brain functioning. Daily playing with friends helps in improving students’ motor skills such as agility, balance, coordination and power. Daily exercise helps students to become better learners and build stronger attention and brain skills.

7. Improves Emotional & Mental Health:

In the present era, it is important for children to improve their mental and emotional health. The Sports Boarding School in Dehradun gives more strength to students as they never tend to lose their focus because of various sports that the school offers. It helps in enhancing the self-confidence and resilience among students.

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