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While academics are of utmost importance in all the schools, the social, economic and political factors have made a lot of changes to the school environment. And therefore, the school psychologists have come up as counsellors for students who provide sympathy and advice to ensure that students’ emotional and personal issues are addressed in a suitable manner at the boarding school Dehradun. A school psychologist has different roles in the school system wherein he/she is a crisis counsellor and personal outreach coordinator. Understanding what school psychology is and what a school psychologist does is crucial for both parents and educators. School psychologists are an indispensable resource that many people are unaware of. Through this article, let’s have a look at the importance of school psychologists.

1. Plays an important role in child development:

The school psychologists are known to work as a part of a school team that mainly includes the teachers, career counsellor and social worker. The proficiency of the school psychologist is mostly helpful in addressing the needs of children with acute conditions and making sure that they prosper in the classroom setting. School psychologists play a crucial role in providing expert observations, testing and developing individualised education plans that address the needs of children with ADHD and other prevailing conditions.

2. Trained for crisis-intervention situations:

Sometimes unforeseen circumstances like the death of a fellow student/family member, peer pressure etc leads to the creation of disturbance. The sensitive functionality of developing minds is highly affected by witnessing or even just hearing of such incidents. A school psychologist at the Good Boarding Schools in Dehradun acts as a supporter in such crisis intervention situations. He/she is always ready to provide counselling and emotional support to children who are affected by tragedies or other catastrophic events that may affect them directly or indirectly.

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3. They help in creating a safe and positive environment:

Although the boarding schools keep a high check on bullying and other violent acts that can harm a child physically and emotionally. Bullying, verbal threats, a physical altercation on any level and assault, unfortunately, leads to disturbance in young minds. Here, the school psychologists assess the prevailing conditions in schools and recommend strategies to identify at-risk students, areas of school vulnerability and prevention programs. School psychologists are assigned with making intervention services that encourage discipline, restorative justice and various preventive efforts. Before conducting such services, various factors have to be considered including social and cultural sensitivities, religious differences and socio-economic differences.

4. Plays a role in making strong family and school bonds:

One of the important roles of a school psychologist at the boarding school Dehradun. is to help the schools and families navigate the special education process for children with developmental issues and other specialised concerns. School psychologists in a boarding environment are expected to be available to help families understand their children’s emotional and mental health needs and to also be able to connect them with service providers as and when needed. The school psychologist is required to serve as an intermediate between families and the school. They also help the students transition between school and other learning environments.

5. They evaluate to support schools accountability:

School psychologists help in generating desired data through evaluation that later holds in identifying the critical areas for students academic improvement. Exam results are quite useful in monitoring students’ yearly progress and in determining the risk factors that may have an impact on learning outcomes. The Good Boarding Schools in Dehradun psychologist continues to play a crucial part in ensuring that schools are receptive to an ever-changing world.

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