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Focusing can be a long-term or short-term challenge. The attention span of kids is quite low and they get easily distracted. Most kids also tend to have difficulty in sitting for a long time and staying focused. But there are ways to help a child cut through interruptions and get things done. As grown-ups, it is much easier to use different techniques to improve the concentration levels, but it becomes really difficult for a child to focus on a task for more than a few minutes. This happens mainly because of their natural excitement and high curiosity levels. But as they tend to grow older, it’s crucial for them to focus on their studies and other essential tasks at hand. To help your child in improving his/her concentration, you can adopt various strategies suggested by the Best Boarding School in Dehradun and see which one works best for him/her.

1. Split large tasks into smaller ones:

Since large tasks need better focus and discipline what works best is to divide those large tasks into smaller and manageable tasks. This is significantly helpful for children when they do their homework at the Best Co-ed Boarding School in Dehradun, learn new skills, and do household chores. As small projects need less time to complete; they also provide the satisfaction of having made progress. This makes focussing on the work a lot easier. As compared to this, a bigger task may seem discouraging to the child since it takes more time, and the parents can expect some unwillingness from their child to take it on.

2. Combine work with pleasure:

Children tend to get overwhelmed when they are involved in a number of tasks at the same time. Too many tasks can exhaust their little brains, therefore it’s important to give them enough time to enjoy themselves and have fun. This way, they do not get pressured and are also open to work or study without any trouble. The Best Coed CBSE Boarding School in Dehradun suggests that activity that has the ability to tire them out quickly or seems uninteresting for their age should be kept away from them.

Best Girls boarding school in Dehradun

3. Turn down distractions:

As parents, it is important to create an environment for their children where they can learn or carry out their tasks with minimal distractions. When kids are too much engaged in activities that they really enjoy, it is difficult for them to keep even smaller distractions away. Loud music, family gatherings, Television and mobile phones are considered to be some of the major distractions for a child. Parents must try to keep their child away from reading messages or browsing on the internet while they study. These precautions can help improve a child’s focus as the concentration obstacles are reduced.

4. Decide on a time limit:

Just like the Best Boarding School in Dehradun, parents must also set a time limit for their children so that they are able to complete their goals on time. This will make a child complete the task in the given time. However, ensure that the time limit that is set is not too short or too long as this could make kids anxious. Having strict time limits can also affect the child’s ability to focus. Time limits of 15 minutes or 20 minutes will keep them focused on the task, and their attention will not flicker too much. A longer time limit may promote inattentiveness and distraction, and the whole purpose could also be defeated.

5. Engage them in physical activities:

Children are full of energy when it comes to playing sports or doing something physically productive. In order to help them channel out their additional energy, it’s important that parents should plan for playtime that includes running or playing some sports. This way children are encouraged to focus better, reduce their boredom, and not become restless. The Best Co-ed Boarding School in Dehradun makes sure that children are engaged equally in their academics and extracurricular activities in order to create a balance.

6. Have a set routine:

No matter how lenient or strict, it is mandatory for parents to set a routine for their children. This helps them in staying focused on their task and brings discipline in their lifestyle. Having a routine ensures that a child doesn’t get distracted until they have completed the chore on hand. The Best Coed CBSE Boarding School in Dehradun has a set time table which children follow without any disruptions.

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