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The best boarding school in Dehradun is known to offer an excellent atmosphere for your child to attain freedom, make long-lasting companionship, and become a confident adult. But the question is how do you pick the best boarding school for your child? While doing so always remember that you are looking for a school that will make the educational learning for your child, and you a rewarding experience. If your child has certain aspirations that need to be taken care of, there are several types of schools that can cater to that. As parents, one always needs to make sure that the approach towards their child’s education should be done with utmost precision and research. Parents should consider certain things very carefully and realistically, about how studious their child is. One should just not hurry in choosing the right school as there is no point in picking a highly academic school if it is going to mean that your child struggles to keep up with the demands placed on him/her.

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Boarding schools have been known for their exceptional reputation for scholastic success. These schools also provide several extra-curricular opportunities which are considered to be very important as it is these which help the students to provide a holistic education. Every boarding schools in Dehradun has it’s own quality and features and some may be better than others. Some boarding schools acknowledge better to an organised and meticulous school life while others may flourish in a more progressive atmosphere which helps the students to inculcate varied interests.

Here are a few factors that might influence the decision of parents who are looking out for a boarding school for their child:

1. Look beyond academics : Parents should not just focus on the scholastic development of their children rather they should focus on the holistic approach where they learn to indulge themselves in academics as well as extra curricular activities. This helps in sparking a lifelong interest of their child in a particular field or may even lead to a future vocation. So, look at the extra-curricular activities in good boarding schools in Dehradun and see which would seem to best suit your child.

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2. Consider visiting the schools’ location: It is very important to see where your child will be spending the most of his teenage life. The location of the school is an important consideration. Separation from family becomes difficult for most of the children and thus you may want them to be in a boarding schools in Dehradun which is approachable in terms of transportation, is not isolated and is not very far away. Here, the environment is also a key factor to be taken care of.

3. Check out the recreational and co-curricular activities: Boarding schools nowadays have become more concerned with students’ fitness and well-being. Thus the introduction of recreational and co-curricular activities have become extensively crucial for any boarding school. All these activities offer students the chance to have fun and express themselves. Sports, Art & Craft, Theatre,Trips & Excursions, Music & Dance among others motivate and encourage the students to show their hidden talent.

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4. The schools approach towards learning: These days a lot of good boarding schools in Dehradun are opting for digital learning rather than the traditional classroom learning. Each child has its own way of grasping and learning things. As a parent, you are very much aware of what will be best for your child. Choosing a school that has an approach that coincides with your own is an important part of your search. For instance, some teachers concentrate more on empathy and experience as a key part of your child’s development.

Beyond this elaborative research, the parents can also do the following:

  • Try and speak to students and parents of the school and see how the students carry themselves? What are their views and opinions about the school?
  • Look for the schools website: Collect as much information as you can about the school. Look up for those factors which matter the most to you and your child.
  • Follow their social media handles: Get daily updates on what is happening at the school.
  • Make a visit to the best boarding school in Dehradun: Meet with the principal, teachers and staff of the school to gain a better understanding. Look out for boarding facilities.
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