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Top 10 Reasons to go to boarding school in India

India is a fast-developing nation and has carved a niche in the world for its excellent schooling and universities. Scholars from India have made a name for themselves across the globe. From the CEO at Google to prolific scientists and astronauts at NASA, India takes immense pride in contributing to some of the finest and brainy professionals in the world. With reputed and renowned schools, students from all over the world enrol themselves in India’s top boarding schools.

With some of the best ICSE and top CBSE boarding schools in Dehradun, students from every nook and corner of the world come to study at these residential schools. Dehradun is the education capital of India. With the best board results and excellent grooming, it attracts the best faculty members and academicians as well.

Let us throw a glance and discuss the reasons why parents should enrol their children at India’s top boarding schools:

1) It is more economic to enrol your children at international boarding schools in India rather than sending them abroad. The fee will not burn a hole in your pocket and the figures are not very tough to afford.

2) The cost of living in India is comparatively lower compared to other countries. The schooling and hostel facilities are as good as any other school abroad with the budget-friendly fee structure.

3) Students from India are more aware of the world than students from any other country due to the diversity in culture and languages. Students enrolled in the top residential and best co-ed boarding schools in India get acquainted with children from all walks of life and are more adaptable and informed.

4) There is no doubt that students who have been schooled at the boarding schools in India are more disciplined and well behaved. The wardens at these boarding schools are stern and strict and do not go overboard while being friendly with the students. The strict routine and the curriculum give children a sense of punctuality and so the students are very disciplined.

5) Children studying at boarding schools in India are very Independent. Even though the hostel offers them basic comforts, they are made to do most of their chores themselves which makes them extremely responsible and independent.

6) India is a land where certain values are embedded in the upbringing of the children since childhood. Where sexual activities are not hindered at schools abroad, Indian culture refrains students from indulging in such contacts and sets boundaries so that students focus on their studies and are not easily distracted.

7) It is a well-established fact that Indians contribute a lot in terms of skills when it comes to eminent MNCs, professions like doctors, scientists, astronauts and even entrepreneurial skills. Good schooling shapes their personality at a young age and so they land up with better career options when they join the corporate world.

8) The IQ level of Indians is really high because of their time management. Students are taught more than just their syllabus in India, with extra-curricular activities like reading, debates, writing and other projects that involve researching increases both their knowledge and IQ levels.

9) The curriculum planning at international boarding schools in India is way better than the schools abroad. Time management is impeccable. Children are taught to start their day early with the sunrise and conk out before midnight. With proper utilisation of time into academics and sports, the children are fit both mentally and physically.

10) Students studying at Indian schools are always ahead of their league and also smarter than students who have been studying abroad. The subjects taught at Indian schools give them a better knowledge of social studies, literature, language and even mathematics. The science subjects are taught with practical demonstrations and experiments and commercial subjects with logical reasoning. A strong base at their school level makes them smarter and prepares them for competitive exams at an early age.

Some of the best co-ed boarding schools in India are established in Uttarakhand and Dehradun. With favourable weather, beautiful landscapes and low pollution, parents prefer Dehradun over any other location to enrol their children.

Tula’s International School Dehradun boasts of students from different walks of life along with international students. The Modern Gurukul has an amalgamation of both Indian and international students who study together. One of the top CBSE boarding schools in Dehradun, TIS has made a name for itself by bagging the 8th rank among the best residential schools in India.

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