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What coronavirus has done to the education sector in 2020 is what years of technology advancement was not able to do. However, many of the Best Boarding School in Dehradun took timely steps to ensure that, despite the lockdown, the learning continued to go on even at home. With the execution of internet-based learning classes, many schools have put into operation the concept of virtual classrooms and online learning. Online classes are a safe and viable alternative to ensure learning among the students. With the evolvement and embracing of the new technologies in the educational environment, the need becomes very important for institutions to prioritise approachability. With a pandemic like coronavirus, it has put online education accessibility into a whole new light. With this the technological alternatives including networking channels like laptops, smartphone/mobile phone, radio and television have been put to good use and in spite of the passing interruption, students now have something to look forward to from their respective schools.

The schools and teachers of Dehradun Boarding School are putting extra effort to engage students in online classes by reworking on the timetables, shifting towards online learning, taking feedback from parents and monitoring students constantly. While there are some schools who are doing the least by using networking mediums like WhatsApp to stay connected with students. Some schools are trying out enhanced softwares and applications to make online classes as engaging as offline ones. In addition to helping students to stay connected with their education, the emergence of online classrooms has inspired students to stay motivated and deal resiliently with the current epidemic which has created a lot of stress. Besides this, there are top 5 advantages of online classes for students which are mentioned below.

  1. Self-discipline and responsibility: 

When studying online with the best boarding school Dehradun, students are required to be more self-motivated and manage their time well as they tend to spend a lot of time on their own without someone physically close to keep an eye on them. Online classes keep students on a regular schedule of making and meeting deadlines, which allows them to practice managing their time wisely and staying productive. As with online classes, there are no set classroom times, students have the flexibility to create their own schedules and proactively reach out to their teachers, complete given work on time, and plan their day.

top boarding school dehradun

  1. Computer-savvy skill sets:

The growing evolution to online learning and interactive classrooms at Best Boarding School in Dehradun has also made huge improvements in the resourcefulness of students.With the coming up of new learning technologies, students are able to gain more computing capabilities and develop aptitudes in the usage of technology for reasons other than just laying games or watching movies. Besides, with technological creativity becoming extremely prevalent in many nations around the world, the idea of ‘anywhere, anytime’ education is being adapted increasingly.

  1. Self-Paced Learning: 

One of the crucial benefits of online learning is that students can complete their assignments in their own time and according to their own schedules. Recorded lectures, subject wise e-content, learning via videos and collaborative online learning software make it easy for students with an internet connection to access anything and everything they need. With online learning, students learn at their own speed, within the learning schedule set by their teachers.

  1. Individualised Attention and Guidance at Dehradun Boarding School:

Personal guidance is one of the very important aspects for better learning outcomes in the students. With online classes, parents can help their children in identifying their weaknesses and strengths related to their learning. Sometimes a student might not get enough attention required in the classroom. But with the introduction of online learning, this concern seems to be taken care of. Parents are considered to be the foremost source of personal guidance to their children at home. It is crucial that parents provide individualised attention to their child’s capability during the learning process. With this, the student-teacher interaction can also help in initiating problem-solving skills.


  1. Improves retention quality:

Online learning with the best boarding school Dehradun enhances retention power among students. It explains notions and theories in the form of images, videos, descriptions, documentaries, graphs etc so that the students can remember easily. It also makes it simpler for students in solving equations, problems etc. Its main aim is to retain information for a longer period of time. When students have the right to determine their own content, learning becomes trouble free and effective. Students can take as much as time required to study and gain knowledge from it. With the experience, students can choose any tools that are comfortable and convenient for them in the learning process.

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