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An outdoor learning program establishes community and culture, lifts up expectations and standards, improves the connection between students, and develops positive relations around the school and the outdoors. Outdoor learning experiences offer a great deal in terms of these benefits. By committing to learning both inside and outside the classroom, the Best Girls boarding school in Dehradun teaches its students that learning occurs anywhere and everywhere, at all times. There are huge benefits in offering children opportunities in order to have regular access to outdoor environments. A lot of research shows that direct exposure to nature is essential for the physical and emotional health of a child. Encouraging both learning and playing outside, whether on school grounds or into any local environment, can help promote the development of positive relationships among children.

1. Learning & Accomplishment at the Best Residential School in Dehradun:

Learning outdoors brings teaching into existence. Fresh air, natural light along with usage of open spaces encourage the brain and help in concentration. Teaching outdoors is not just limited to learning subjects like Physical Education or Biology, infants the whole curriculum can be taken outdoors. With outdoor learning, the relationship between teachers and students develop and concepts that are conceptual theories in the classroom become practical hands-on experiences. Outdoor education also helps in improving a child’s proficiency. A lot of study shows that students who are more engaged when learning outdoors have a positive impact on their behaviour and they also enjoy their lessons. Every child benefits when experiential outdoor learning is an essential part of their education and the experts working with them have the support and knowledge to make the most of their outdoor learning opportunities.

2. Social Development:

Outdoor learning at the Best Coed CBSE Boarding School in Dehradun has a huge impact on social and emotional development and its design and management affect the overall behaviour and happiness of the children. This particular learning environment is developed for children to socialise, make friends, observe others and find solitude. Children’s behaviour becomes disruptive when these opportunities are not available and they find themselves bored or confined; some want to socialise in groups, some want to be on their own and some want to let off steam. With the help of outdoor learning, different behaviours of children can be managed and the tensions that lead to disputes can also be reduced. Therefore outdoor learning is considered as a program for children to grow, develop and express themselves positively.

Best Girls residential school in Dehradun

3. Mental Wellbeing & Health:

With digitalisation all around, children tend to spend less time outside, and more on tech gadgets and television which has a direct impact on their mental and physical health. The same is a matter of major concern. For many children, their school ground is the only place where they have the freedom to experience the outdoors and be active every day. The Best Girls boarding school in Dehradun offers more games equipment for children at break-time that increases their physical activity. Resources that motivate activities like climbing, jumping and swinging, help children exercise without even realising it. The more a child works on exercising his/her muscles during any physical activity, the more his/her brain develops its capacity for learning. Outdoor physical exercises also help the body burn off the stress hormones adrenaline and cortisol. Outdoor learning also promotes positive mental health as the same offers access to plants, wildlife and the changing seasons.

4. Community Engagement:

Children learn by watching and doing. In order to make them learn certain things so that they can make a valuable contribution to wider society, it’s important to show them what that looks like and give them real-life opportunities to do so. Outdoor learning at the Best Residential School in Dehradun is known to be enriching for the students as it allows students to work in communities. A range of activities including fundraising activities, manual labour among others appeals to a wide range of skill sets and interests. Improvement projects also offer opportunities for students to take a leading role in managing and changing their world. Such projects also generate a shared sense of enduring pride in the students.

5. Risk In-Play:

An outdoor learning program helps in developing children’s confidence to take risks and meet challenges while also learning how to be safe. Taking risks is essential for the healthy development of children. They need to be able to challenge themselves, discover their own boundaries and learn how to assess and manage risk into the future. Ensuring that learning and play activities in school grounds have beneficial levels of risk provides children with these essential development opportunities. The Best Coed CBSE Boarding School in Dehradun provides access to reasonable risk activities free from unacceptable hazards.

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