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The Best CBSE Boarding School in Dehradun knows the right study skills and techniques that target some of the most difficult aspects of studying. Knowing how to study not only helps to boost the students’ performance, but it also helps in developing confidence and motivation to crack tests and exams. Right type of study skills and techniques are vital for any student’s success in schools as well as throughout his/her life. Students who already are scoring well must also re-evaluate their skills to make sure they’re maximising their capability. Several strategies for improving study skills not only help students learn how to study but also help in making their study time more constructive. In order to perform well in school, one needs to study, however fruitful study does not mean studying intensely for long periods but rather studying in a smart way. Few of the skills and techniques involved in studying includes active listening, reading comprehension, note-taking, stress management, time management, testing taking, and memorisation. If one takes enough time to learn and apply these study skills while studying, one will not only improve his/her performance in school but will also enhance the overall ability to learn.

One can begin studying smarter by following these top 5 study skills and techniques:

1. Planning is the key: It’s very important to plan out the syllabus and study according to it. One should just not start random studying without knowing what exactly one’s syllabus is. Best Co-ed Boarding School in Dehradun encourages great planning at every level; be it the academic process, semester exams or even solving a small problem. One should develop the skill of planning as soon as they receive their syllabus or assignments from the school. Deciding on what resources and how much time they will need to complete their work will help them achieve the task effectively. It’s very crucial to develop and maintain awareness of exactly what the students need to do in order to excel in academics. Setting a routine for study makes it easy to complete the syllabus on time.

Best CBSE Boarding School in Dehradun

2. Outline and rewrite your notes: The important thing to remember while studying is to outline crucial words and sentences which one feels are important to remember. Writing notes works in the first place as it puts information into words and terms one understands. A lot of students waste time writing everything out as their notes which is not at all necessary. The CBSE schools in Dehradun says that to make the best of notes is the art of identifying key points. Notes are considered to be a very active form of revision which enables a student to learn and absorb all of the information quickly and easily. One can save a lot of time by making notes. Schools should also inculcate the habit of teaching the students to make notes from the starting of their academic year.

3. Practice by yourself or study in a group: The Best CBSE Boarding School in Dehradun suggests that one can make the best use of what he/she has studied by testing with either practice exams, solved old question papers, quizzes, or MCQ’s. Such exams help you understand the amplitude of content and types of questions to expect in the exams. Some students also like to sit with friends and study together. Such groups work best when they’re kept small with children of similar academic aptitude, and with children studying in the same class. Different formats work for different groups and are helpful for many students. Group studying works better for those students who are struggling to understand any topic or subject. It is advisable to study in small structured groups to ensure the maximum benefit to students.

4. Time Management: Time Management is one of the most crucial and difficult issues for a student to manage. Between all the time a student spends in Best Co-ed Boarding School in Dehradun along with the family time, there is very little time left for studying. Several schools also teach students to sit down and create a schedule that works for them. The students can adapt them to suit their preferences so that they have a timetable that works good for them. When properly done, timetabling offers a balanced way of working, releasing a child from the anxiety along with disorganisation. Time Management also helps in improving motivation. Schools these days work with their students to help them develop a timetable that provides ample study time along with some time to do extra curricular activities.

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5. Studying should be meaningful: Another study skill to reduce intervention is to make the information more meaningful and understandable. To best remember what a student is learning, the material should make right sense to them and they should just not learn merely by roting. It’s very important to become familiar with what one is studying. The more one knows of a subject, the easier it is to learn new material related to it. If one becomes familiar to the subject it helps him/her achieve lifelong learning ability in a wide range of subjects.

The CBSE schools in Dehradun strongly inspire and motivate the students to incorporate these study skills, principles and techniques into their daily study routine which will help in making a huge difference in the academic performance of students.

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