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Best Girls Boarding school in India

If you are looking for the Best Girls boarding school in Dehradun, Tula’s International School is one of the best options to be considered for your child. The school is situated in the lush green foothills of the magnificent Himalayas and is driven by a pan India curriculum. Boarding schools are considered to offer students the most valuable lessons in life. These are the schools where girls get to learn the actual details of life. It is believed that boarders have a higher endurance for various uncertainties of life and they mostly tend to be unbiased. The development years are very crucial for a girl child as it can be enhanced considerably by going to the right school.

Below are the top 7 reasons that need to be considered for girls boarding schools Dehradun:

  1. Safety and Security is the main concern of the parents while choosing a boarding school for their girl child. With excellent facilities, the school offers lots of benefits. Tula’s International School has established a caring family atmosphere for the boarder girls so that they feel safe and secure. The school has taken appropriate measures to ensure the security of your child as it’s of utmost importance to us. 24×7 CCTV cameras have been positioned at several locations and all the access points are guarded by high-security guards .
  2. Sending your girl child to top girls boarding school in Dehradun develops a sense of accountability and liberty. Girls are able to learn most of the things from their friends and their surroundings thus becoming responsible over time. The school also offers counselling to its students where a functional career guidance program is made for students to allow them to make essential decisions relating to their future.
  3. Girls Boarding school in India

  4. Boarding schools also offer varied and diverse cultures where students come to study from different parts of the world. This helps the girls to learn about different communities which make them smart, mature and intelligent. Learning becomes an all-time activity at such boarding schools.
  5. Best Girls boarding school in Dehradun helps the girl child in realising her full potential. Every girl deserves a chance to realise her full potential in an environment where she is valued and appreciated for who she is and what she brings to the experience. Life skill and value-based education classes are a part of the residential school timetable covering most of the issues concerning teenagers among other challenges that a girl child faces.
  6. The school also offers state of the art boarding facilities to the students. Facilities including eco-friendly washrooms and bathing cells, Round the clock cleanliness of hostels is maintained by helpers on duty. The students are also looked after their social, emotional and physical well being. Students are offered a motivating environment where they learn and study to build a better career.
  7. Top Girls Boarding school in India

  8. Among the girls boarding schools Dehradun, Tula’s International School focuses on  holistic development of the students. Students’ academic excellence along with co-curricular activities are taken care of. They are also provided countless opportunities to participate in different co-curricular activities which helps them in their future. The motive behind holding all such activities is to instil life skills and teach them to be tolerant team players.
  9. The boarding schools also make sure that the girl boarders have a protected and healthy stay on campus. Tula’s International School has a fully-equipped modern infirmary that seeks any medical requirement of students. The school has a doctor, nurse and an ambulance on campus that makes sure that students’ health is of utmost priority. In case of any emergency, the school transfers severe cases to the nearby hospital and the parents are also informed about the same.

There are ample advantages of educating your child at a top girls boarding school in Dehradun. It’s the duty of the parents to choose the best boarding schools for girls so that they are well-educated and are able to make a bright future for themselves.

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