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Tula’s International School Ranked as 5th Boarding School in North India

Ranked as the 5th best boarding school in North India, Tula’s International School is affiliated to CBSE and aims to keep pace with the changing educational reforms, and a rapidly advancing environment. Spread across a 22 acre green campus and nestled in the Himalayan ranges, the Best Boarding School in India, Tula’s International School is widely acknowledged as one of the country’s pioneer boarding schools.


The pan India curriculum of Tula’s is vivid, demanding and progressive with the school becoming nationally and internationally renowned as a centre of excellence with examination results and college placements to be continually proud of. The Top Boarding School in India school has also introduced varied aspects of education through subjects such as life skills, human behaviour study, health management and disaster management among others which have made the curriculum more engrossing.


The school embraces the multicultural diversity of its student and teaching community that reflects and nurtures the organisation principal belief. A wide range of educational and social activity and artistic endeavours strengthen intellectual abilities and evoke in its students and staff the spirit of service to humanity. At the Boarding school in India, teachers are one of our prominent strengths. We have trained professional teachers who have come from different parts across the country. They are trained regularly to identify each student’s skill sets and teach in a manner that builds their use of multiple intelligence.


The school campus has spacious and airy classrooms, well-equipped laboratories for biology, physics and chemistry, a state-of the-art computer department and IT centre and a well-stocked school library featuring a rich collection of books in diverse genres. As one takes a stroll of the Best Boarding School in India, he/she can sense the dynamic environment of the school where dedicated learning takes place in and out of the classrooms. In our strive to ensure a holistic development of the students in other areas apart from academics, it becomes vital for us to provide the right atmosphere and infrastructure for the students which helps them to outshine in all sporting and co-curricular activities for which the school is well facilitated. Academic and co-curricular education facilities include smart boards in all the classrooms. TIS has world-class infrastructure for the students which includes all types of indoor and outdoor games including Basketball, Cricket, Hockey, Table Tennis, Football, Swimming, Athletics, Basketball, Lawn Tennis, Table Tennis, Volleyball, Squash, Badminton, Chess, Snooker, Billiards, Shooting, Horse Riding and Gymnastics among several others. 


Wide range of learning experiences at Top Boarding School in India along with creative, leadership, sporting and service activities give our students an array of opportunities to carry on with their interests, escalate their learning journey and widen their social circles. We motivate our students to be an active member of the school clubs and enjoy school life outside the classroom. All these recreational activities are great opportunities for the students to develop their self-awareness, confidence, and the required attitudes, creativity and knowledge to take on challenges of the future. They help to foster a sense of responsibility for the family, community, and their host and own nations. Students also learn to behold the beauty of the world around them, nurture a healthy mind and body, and cultivate a joy for life.

Best Boarding School in India

In the boarding community, Boarding school in India, TIS nurtures an environment of mutual trust with each boarder and staff members who are being treated with respect and as an individual. We instil good values and ethics in them which are nurtured regardless of sex, age, race, colour, religion or social background. Boarders are encouraged to take care of each other and their ‘home’ and respect each person’s right to privacy. We believe that equal importance is the identification that each person is unique and a development of individual skills is firmly encouraged.

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