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Ways in which boarding schools in Dehradun are good for students

Dehradun is the education capital of India. Some of the best boarding schools in India are situated in Dehradun. Let us discuss why it is a better choice to choose boarding school in Dehradun over other locations.

1) Climate: The weather of Dehradun is extremely pleasant. Summers are not too hot and winters are bearable too. While Mussoorie also boasts of renowned residential schools, the weather in Mussoorie can be extremely cold and make children reluctant to get out of the bed early in the morning and give them frequent cold and cough. However, Dehradun’s climate is easy to adapt to and should be considered while shortlisting some of the best residential and best co-ed boarding school in Dehradun.

2) Location: Dehradun offers a beautiful location space. Being cradled in the Himalayas, Doon Valley is a treasure house of beautiful landscapes. Unlike the densely populated and cluttered metropolitan city, Dehradun still has a lot of greenery with better air quality and less pollution that makes it a better choice to enrol your students in boarding schools at Dehradun.

3) Safety: Dehradun is extremely safe for people. The criminal record of “Dev Bhoomi” is very low and the police are always on their toes. Safety and security are the most important points that parents consider while shortlisting boarding schools in Dehradun and compared to other states and cities, Dehradun is a highly preferred option.

4) Close to nature: Since Dehradun is a beautiful valley surrounded by hills, it has a lot to offer aesthetically. Short hikes to Mussoorie, Shikhar Falls and Jhari Pani offer excursion and camping trips to students that give them a recreational break and also instil a love of trekking among them at an early age. The waterfalls, dainty hills and the verdant jungles keep them inclined towards nature and they are very conscious of conserving the environment.

5) Campus Space: Compared to the other boarding schools in other cities, Dehradun has an advantage of more campus space. As a result, the school utilises this land space judiciously to promote sports. Some of the most renowned schools in Dehradun have big fields with cricket pitch and football fields, basketball courts and tennis courts. Since physical education is as important as academics, it is suggested to choose a school which gives equal emphasis to sports.

6) Social Life: As we mentioned above, Dehradun is the education capital of India and some of the most renowned residential schools are situated in Doon Valley. As a result, students get to know other students from other schools during cultural and social events. The more they socialise, the better their social skills develop.

7) Coaching Classes: Since Dehradun is blessed with the country’s best schools, one finds the most prolific academicians and faculty members in Dehradun. Most of these academicians have coaching centres where students during their vacation can join and finish off their syllabus early or prepare for their college entrance exams. Having good teachers for personal coaching can make a lot of difference in the grades of a student.

Dehradun has a reputation to produce some of the best board results. Usually, the toppers in both ICSE and CBSE board in all India are from Dehradun. With the above-mentioned reasons, Dehradun surpasses all reasons to be shortlisted for your child’s education. Tula’s International Dehradun is a highly recommended option. Ranked at no. 8 in all India, it is one of the best co-ed boarding school in Dehradun. Sprawled across twenty-two-acre land, the school boasts of a lush green campus and a hostel constructed with state of the art infrastructure and well-equipped classrooms. Tula’s International School takes immense pride in its faculty and bespoke learning pattern and advanced teaching methods. The library with more than twenty thousand books is the holiest place at the school where the children love to immerse themselves during their leisure hours. This habit of reading helps them to open doors to wider horizons. The school offers more than sixteen options in sports and umpteen options in extracurricular activities. Modern Gurukul as they call themselves, Tula’s International is the place where the mind sharpens, the body strengthens and the soul nourishes.

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