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What are the Benefits of girls boarding school in India?

What are the Benefits of girls boarding school in India

In today’s time of the modern twenty-first-century men and women are alike. The barriers of gender superiority are broken and women are as capable as men to bring an equal amount of resources on the table. The parents have also unshackled themselves from the social stigma of educating boys better than girls and prefer to educate their daughters at the best girls’ boarding school in India.

There are a plethora of benefits of educating your daughter at a residential school over a day school. As parents, our daughters are our biggest investment and so we must choose the best boarding girls’ school in India so that they are educated well.

Apart from their education, safety is the most important and crucial factor that must be taken into consideration and so, we must not compromise with the security measures and choose a school that is ranked among India’s best girls’ boarding school in terms of both education and safety.

Tula’s International Dehradun is ranked among the top girls’ boarding school in India. Cradled in the foothills of the Himalayas, Tula’s is the perfect alma mater for your daughter in terms of safety and security and also for education. Affiliated to CBSE board with excellent faculty, the school offers umpteen benefits.

Let’s take a look at how your daughter will benefit from studying at Tula’s International, one of the best boarding school for girls in India:

1) CBSE Board: Compared to the ICSE board, CBSE is comparatively easier. It eliminates the secondary subjects and focuses on the mandatory ones, thereby saving their time and also by preparing them for competitive exams after class 12th.

2) Safety: Tula’s International is ranked as one of the best girls’ boarding school in India for its safety and security. The hostel is built with new infrastructure and every nook and corner is under the CCTV surveillance. The children are always under the strict vigilance of both the cameras and their wardens and no stone is left unturned in ensuring their safety.

3) Modern Gurukul: Tula’s International is an amalgamation of old teaching practices with modern methods and so they call themselves the “Modern Gurukul” where the girls and boys study together but respect each other as individuals and are given equal opportunities to excel at their academics with a focus on the development of their mind, body and soul.

4) Advanced teaching methods: Gone are the days where students were taught everything on a blackboard. Tula’s International is one of the few best boarding girls’ schools in India that focuses on digital learning with advanced methods. The computer labs are updated with the latest computers and high-speed internet makes their learning process faster and quicker. The laboratories are also well equipped and students take a keen interest in their science experiments.

What are the Benefits of girls boarding school

5) Healthy food: Tula’s International is one of the few schools that ensures that there is absolutely no compromise with the food and ensures to meet all the standards in the quality and hygiene of the food. The students get four meals a day where at least one meal is full of leafy vegetables and all nutrients to ensure their balanced diet.

6) Physical education: Tula’s International is ranked as no.8 in India’s best girls’ boarding schools. We know how all work and no play make Jack and Jill dull people and so we ensure that the students are equally inclined towards both academics and sports. We have a basketball court, football field, cricket pitch, tennis court and a shooting range designed with utmost panache so that the students have no dearth of options. The 22-acre campus also boasts of a beautiful and well-maintained swimming pool with a professional coach for each sport.

7) Self-dependence: Where children are spoiled being pampered at home and depend on their parents for every little thing, a boarding school makes a child self-dependent. They are taught to do their work on their own and take ownership of their actions. Even though Tula’s International is a home away from home and the wardens are extremely caring and friendly, they teach the students to do be self-dependent.

8) Broader Horizons: Tula’s International is ranked among the top girls’ boarding school in India because of the opportunities they offer. Since the school is co-ed, the girls and boys learn to study and coexist together in a healthy environment which makes them come out of a shell. The school also has a tie-up with more than eleven esteemed international universities and colleges where your daughter can apply if you wish to send her overseas to pursue her graduation. We make sure that the sky is the limit for your child.

A boarding school will always polish your child in ways that a day school cannot. From acquainting your child with different cultures and different backgrounds to educating them about the world outside, a residential school makes your child more aware. What makes Tula’s International, one of the best boarding school for girls in India is its location. Close to nature, your daughter will be away from the chaos of a noisy city and will learn to respect and value nature. The hikes in Uttarakhand and small school trips will make her an enthusiastic traveller where she will constantly meet new people and communicate with them and break all the shackles of hesitation. If you must want your daughter to give you a fruitful result of your investment, you must enrol her at Tula’s International.

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