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Which is the best girls residential school in India

Dehradun is the education capital of India and is blessed with some of the finest ICSE and CBSE residential schools in India. Children from all walks of life come and study in the boarding schools in Dehradun where they are taught a lot more than just the syllabus in their books. With modern times and women empowerment, parents have broken themselves free from the shackles of gender superiority. They are willing to educate both their sons and daughters alike with the best of education that they can provide.

It is better to enrol girls at a residential school than a day school to ensure their safety. With horrific tragedies and atrocities happening to girls, parents refrain from sending their daughters to schools that are far. Residential schools in India leave no stone unturned in meeting the safety and security of the girls.

With many reputed and renowned boarding schools in Uttarakhand, Tula’s International School is one of the best co-ed residential schools in Dehradun. At TIS, girls and boys from all walks of life and culture study together in an environment that is healthy and harmonious. The Modern Gurukul is a melting pot of cultural diversity that imparts unbiased education to students despite their culture and gender treating every individual alike.

While shortlisting the residential school, it is important to keep a note that CBSE board is always a preferred option over an ICSE considering the burden of studies is higher in schools affiliated to ICSE board. Tula’s International School is one of the best CBSE girls residential school in India with eminent faculty and excellent curriculum that utilises every minute of their twenty-four hours. Besides faculty, the school also offers counselling sessions to students from time to time if they are struggling with certain anxieties or mental blocks to resolve the issues that bother them.

One of the best co-ed residential schools in Dehradun, TIS offers a home away from home to students with wardens that are there to guide your children at every step. The hostels are constructed with modern infrastructure with all the basic comforts like air conditioners, geysers and other comforts to make the children feel at home. The security system is top-notch with 24-hour CCTV surveillance along with guards on duty to ensure the safety of your children.

Tula’s International is ranked among the top CBSE girls’ residential schools in the country for its impeccable education. The school promotes digital learning over age-old teaching methods that were restricted only to blackboard explanation. The school has a library with more than twenty thousand books along with eBooks to inculcate the healthy habit of reading among students. This helps them to enhance their vocabulary and imagination. The computer labs have updated and latest systems with high-speed internet and WIFI to help children with their projects. The laboratories are also built with state-of-the-art equipment where children indulge in experiments under vigilance to understand science and its principles better.

Tula’s International School is aware of the fact that all work and no play make Jack a dull boy. The school has planned the curriculum in a way where equal emphasis is given to studies and sports. With more than sixteen options to offer, TIS boasts of a beautiful basketball court, tennis court, swimming pool, shooting range and massive grounds to play sports like cricket, football and volleyball.

A healthy and balanced diet is mandatory for every student at Tula’s International School. The students get four vegetarian meals a day rich in nutrients with fruits and milk to keep them healthy and to boost their immunity. The day starts with the break of the dawn at the Modern Gurukul and ends before midnight to ensure that children get at least eight hours of peaceful sleep. The school has a salon to ensure that the children are well-groomed with regular hair cuts and nails trimming so that they do not attend their classes looking shabby. The infirmary is stacked with beds and all the necessary medicines with an ambulance in case of any medical emergency.

Tula’s International has a tie-up with more than sixteen esteemed international universities. To name a few – Lions International, INSEEC, Model United Nation, Asian Academy of Aeronautics and a few more. Parents who wish to send their children overseas for higher education can turn their dream into a reality with TIS. At this Modern Gurukul, every student gets an opportunity to spread their wings and soar high with the sky being the limit. It is a place that focuses on the holistic teaching approach where the mind sharpens, the body strengthens and the soul nourishes.

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