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Tula's International School

Best Boarding School in Dehradun



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Tula’s International school, also known as Best Boarding School in Dehradun for Girls & Boys confidences in the values and beliefs it follows, in nurturing and strengthening the roots of a child. An unbiased and pious child has to be directed to a right path by counseling the kid time and again. With this vision, Tula’s pays off individual attention and care to each and every child and counsels them softly and politely, just like a guardian does. TIS throws limelight on every aspect that plays a crucial role in their nourishment like, providing excellent boarding facilities, study schedule, organizing co-curricular activities, etc. Students are made sincere in their daily plans and are taught to value & respect it.

We have listed below the key factors which differentiate and escalates the Life at Tula’s:

Pastoral Care

It is well known that Health is the greatest gift and contentment is the greatest wealth. We, at Tula’s, the Top Boarding School in Dehradun, bring together both, the health and wealth to the student. 

Boarding Facilities

The challenge for any good boarding school is to foster the development of highly educated and versatile students. Our boarding school ensures a firm academic foundation which helps students pursue a variety of educational options for their future studies


As the Top International boarding school in Dehradun, Tula’s has a separate centre for Counselling for its students. Keeping a concern for the challenges faced by a student during their boarding period, a strict timetable is followed and subjects like Life skills and value-based education are made a mandatory part of the curriculum.

Structure of the Day

Tula’s is a Dehradun CBSE affiliated school that has uniquely structured the day of the student. The everyday routine is fixed such that it helps them learn self-discipline, mutual understanding, self-discipline, self-reliance and many more that also develops their personality.


TIS has definitely worked hard to be known as the Best International School in Dehradun. The curriculum is constructed such that the students learn to respect all the religions. It is a secular institute where good values are inculcated in the students and teach them to not to discriminate on the basis of caste, creed or religion. 

Our House System

Tula’s is the Best CBSE school that has four houses: The Olympian, The Spartan House, Trojan House and The Titan House. Houses are different but they have one aim in common: To keep the spirit of the school motto alive and to turn students into people of  character and integrity, and make them realize that India possesses the potential as the most powerful nation on earth.