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Personal Counselling

Tula’s concern for its students reflects in its having a separate counselling centre for its students. Life skill and value-based education classes are a part of the residential school timetable covering most of the issues concerning teenagers and challenges of living in a boarding school in Dehradun. These sessions allow students to share their hopes, insecurities and problems with trained counsellors who deal with their problems effectively. At this modern Gurukul school in Dehradun, all teachers have been trained to be sensitive to the students’ needs besides carrying out their academic duties.

Career's Counselling

Students are often faced with the dilemma of choosing the right career. TIS organizes various tests and exposes children to the opportunities available to help them make the right subject choices. An effective career guidance program is designed for students to enable them to make effective decisions relating to their future. The students and parents are educated about admission procedures at various education institutions in India and abroad for higher studies. This helps students choose the right careers for themselves for a bright future.

Research shows that students generally rely on their parents, teachers, friends and most often their academic performance for guidelines and suggestions regarding their career choice. However we at Tula’s International School feel that if a student chooses a career that is in sync with his/her Aptitude, Interest and Personality, she/he is likely to be more productive and successful in life.

Educational and Career Counseling in Tula’s aims to provide help to students at their several growth phases.

Counselor at School:

Tula’s International School has come up with a career program which helps in providing the students with career guidance information in the school premises.

1. Guide students to make career decisions

2. Creating awareness about several career options in Science, Commerce and Arts.

3. Providing detailed information on various careers to students on demand.

4. Administer Career Assessments tests- Aptitude – Interest – Personality.

5. Providing counseling to students.

Benefits of Career Counseling:

It will help students in:

- Increasing Self-esteem and Confidence
- Developing a lifetime enthusiasm for learning
- Developing positive communication and social skills
- Developing critical thinking and decision-making skills
- Working with peers and in teams
- Training them to protect themselves from harmful influences and peer pressure
- Empowering them to plan their careers and choose a profession they will enjoy
- Getting a better understanding of their strengths and weakness
- Giving confidence to take up difficult tasks without inhibition of performance related issues

Preparation for Competitive Exams

With increasing competition among students, entrance examinations have become a transparent and dependable method to admit the creme de la creme of the lot. Preparation for competitive exam is very different from the preparation for a regular subjective or a theory paper.

We at Tula’s International School make the students start preparing for an entrance exam at an early stage. The IIT-JEE which is considered one of the toughest has students starting as early as class IX. For the medical entrance, CA CPT, and the various national law entrance exams, students start their preparations right from Class XI. BBA, hotel management, mass communication and some of the other such entrance exams are mostly aptitude based and thus students are well prepared for it.

- Delivering competitive assignments every Saturday to the students
- Syllabus is designed in accordance with the syllabus of IIT/JEE/PMT exams
- Conducting regular mock tests for the students
- Practice of MCQ’s after completion of every topic/subject
- Conduction of special remedial classes or doubt sessions on weekly basis