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Tula's International School

Best Boarding School in Dehradun


CBSE Best Boarding School for Girls


Tula’s International School is one of the CBSE Best Boarding school for girls in Uttarakhand with facilities that hold excellence in all areas. The infrastructure has been appropriately designed to facilitate learning and all-round development of the child. Tula’s International School is not just a school, but a training ground for life.

The best CBSE Girls Boarding school in Uttarakhand is located in a lush green, pollution-free area covering approx. 3.5 acres of land. The school property is a modern piece of architecture comprising of all contemporary facilities to instil cherished values, to develop & grow an overall personality and to alter the nascent mind into a factual fountainhead of thoughts and ideas. With distinct tender care, Tula’s offers an atmosphere which encourages the mind to explore, understand, learn & appreciate the minute aspects of life. Tula’s also offers its students to infuse the confidence and the courage to cross all obstacles & meet the challenges head-on.

Tula’s International School is recognized as the Best Residential school and has finely integrated the gurukul system with its prowess in the beauty, clarity, and culture along with the modern techniques and culture assisting the students to proceed in technologies that operate the world today.

Tula’s which is ranked as the top CBSE Girls Boarding school in Dehradun aims to work towards the growth of students not only academically, but by also brushing up their minds towards improvisation of their intellectual abilities. A strict schedule has been devised keeping their day-to-day activities in concern. At Tula’s, every student is crucial and is considered that each child is a god’s gift. We at Tula’s aims to provide every child with special attention and utmost care.

The school delivers an atmosphere where education of a student is not judged based on good ranking and scores. At Girls boarding CBSE school in Uttarakhand, we appreciate the potential of each student and help them to sharpen it according to their talent and different capabilities. We ensure that they make optimum utilization of their skill set so that they are appreciated by everyone.

Tula’s International School is spread across the green fields of Dehradun and bestow the scenic beauty at the foothills of the Himalayas. Established by the Rishabh Educational Trust in 2013, the school is a philanthropic effort to strengthen the bases of education amongst students today. Uttarakhand CBSE Girls Boarding school endeavours to guide the students towards an amalgamated development and to make them responsible and educated citizens of the society, who can change the world into a better place to live.

The school has well qualified, professional and dedicated teachers and boasts of excellent results in the All India Secondary School Examination conducted by the C.B.S.E. Apart from laying importance on academic excellence the students are encouraged to participate in various co-curricular activities, to develop their skills in several fields. Technology is an integral part of the teaching and learning process within the as the classrooms are transformed into technology-enabled smart classrooms with display systems and computer for the teachers.

The overall development of the students is the major focus of the teaching-learning process at Girls boarding CBSE school in Uttarakhand Tula’s and to achieve this, various literary, cultural and several types of competitions/contests are held from time to time.

The school also emphasizes sports and games for the physical development of boys and girls. At present, the school provides facilities for Basketball, Football, Cricket, Lawn Tennis, Net Ball, Carrom, Chess, Kho-Kho, Karate, Gymnastics, Roller Skating, Athletics, Horse Riding, etc.

We at Tula’s believe that to grow and reach their full potential, our students need to develop all aspects of their personality, social relationships, physical fitness, creativity, altruism just as much as their academic knowledge.

CBSE Girls boarding school in Uttarakhand, Tula’s Campus offers to its students all the amenities useful for a full and interesting student’s life. The preschool classes are fun and colourful, sports field and game amenities cater to all tastes, our labs and library offer a lot of opportunities for different activities and workshops.

Tula’s International School is affiliated with CBSE which is a futuristic board and keeps pace with the changing educational reforms and a rapidly evolving environment. Several aspects of education have been introduced through subjects which have made the curriculum more interesting.

The faculty of Tula’s is one of its significant strengths. We have outstanding faculty as compared to the other schools in Dehradun. Our teachers come from different parts of the country. They are up-skilled regularly to identify each student’s skill sets and teach them in a manner that improves their use of multiple intelligence.

The vision of best CBSE Girls Boarding school in Uttarakhand Tula’s International School is to foster personal growth and development of the individual to transform the society through service. We aim to develop and spread education by evolving the intellect of our students with passion and excellence which sets the school separate from the rest of the institutions.

At the centre of the school’s academic ideology, modern education and an appreciation of our cultural heritage is complimentary, which helps students to become modern citizens, contributing to the advancement of the nation.

Our main motive is to teach the students to realize their potential and become liberated learners who are very much aware of their cultural and social obligations towards themselves, others and the nation at large. As one of Dehradun’s best boarding schools, we want to bring a change in students not only in academics but also in their mental, emotional, spiritual, and creative thinking processes.