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Mr. Raunak Jain

Director of Tula’s, Mr Raunak Jain is a high-achiever. Topping through his college and post-graduation (from Royal Holloway University of London), Mr. Jain has made winning a habit. Owing to this habit, he aspires to make Tula’s International one of the best and most dependable schools. He understands that he can achieve this ambition only through the success of each and every student of Tula’s; for he believes in – Together we rise, together we touch the skies.

Mr Jain, as the Director, and as the youngest member of the Tula’s Family, has all his interests invested into the school to make it a perfect setting for a student’s holistic development with emphasis on creating a balanced persona. Compromising at no point, Tula’s offers world-class facilities for your child, be it education or sports or arts or entertainment. Guided through expert advice.

Mr Jain has personally paid attention to all the details and would always be reachable to the staff, students and the parents.