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The aim at TIS is to provide quality education to young boys and girls with a view to develop amongst them a spirit of companionship, a sense of harmony and free their minds from bias and prejudice, which can damage the social fabric of society if allowed to run rampant.

We are committed to the cause of education that will produce youngsters of great character, dedicated to uphold the values that define this great country of ours. At the core of the school’s educational philosophy, modern education and an appreciation of our cultural heritage is complimentary, which helps students to become model citizens, contributing to the betterment of the nation.

The modern educational process is best understood through a two-way channel: it flows with current trends while absorbing and assimilating the wisdom and legacy of the past for a wholesome edification of the young. Among Dehradun schools, Tula’s alone pays equal attention to our civilizational heritage while keeping pace with current trends in the age of the Internet.