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Vision & Mission


To become a centre of excellence and emerge as a leader among the best educational institutions.
The vision of Tula’s International School is to foster personal growth and development of the individual to transform the society through service. We aim to create and disseminate knowledge by developing the intellect of our students with enthusiasm and excellence which sets Tula’s International School apart from the rest of the institutions. We are committed to creating future-ready global citizens with great character who will be dedicated to uphold the values that define our great country.
At the core of the school’s educational philosophy, modern education and an appreciation of our cultural heritage is complimentary, which helps students to become model citizens, contributing to the betterment of the nation.

  • Our mission is to train new generations in order to produce who will excel in academics.
  • To develop as a benchmark institution in Education sector.
  • To offer well-rounded academic excellence through quality education and learning experience to our students.
  • We believe in nurturing students beyond academics.
  • To create a future generation which is dedicated to serving humanity.

TIS believes every student creates a learning environment in which our students from diverse places can achieve their highest potential. We believe that every student has the capability to learn provided they are given the chance to do so.
TIS believes that students learn when they are engaged in a student-centric environment and have a well-designed curriculum which emphasizes hands-on learning. We seek to create a learning environment for our students.
Education through experts:
We have highly qualified and experienced faculty to provide the best knowledge to our students
Among other schools, Tula’s is the only top boarding school in Dehradun that pays equal attention to civilizational heritage while keeping pace with modern trends in the age of the Internet.

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