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Music & Dance

At Tula’s International School, one of the top residential schools in Dehradun, music is not regarded as a standalone subject but is incorporated into the curriculum itself. It is an integral part of every student’s life… Read More

Multi Culturism

Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam-The world is one family, goes an ancient Sanskrit saying. This is especially true in these times of social and religious strife. In this age of interdependence it is important for a child to understand and appreciate cultures different from his own… Read More

Art & Craft

As one of the reputed CBSE schools in Dehradun, Tula’s has the only Art & Craft workstation of its kind in Uttarakhand. Called ‘Colours’, it continually strives to inspire its students to display their creativity under the capable guidance of art teachers… Read More

Trips & Excursions

As befits its reputation as one of the best residential schools in Dehradun, Tula’s organizes frequent trips and excursions to expose students to the vibrant world that lies outside the schoolroom. The school field trip has a long history in public education… Read More

Clubs and Societies

The Tula’s International family strives to create a positive environment where all students are challenged and inspired to achieve their potential. Academics and activities form the backbone of TIS… Read More

Foreign Langauges

Foreign languages have suddenly become in vogue at Indian schools and universities. With globalization-and the increasing reach of the Internet-it was inevitable that these languages would find a ready market in developing nations… Read More