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International Tie-Ups

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Academic Collaborations provide additional benefits to every institution. It is an advantage tie-up with another school or university, especially international, both for the students as well as the teachers. The students can gain a lot of knowledge from the student exchange programs that come as a part of the collaboration. Students get exposure and experience about the education and culture of the other country. Such an experience is very valuable as it adds on a lot of value for the student. The students get to travel, work and study internationally. This helps them get prepared for a better future globally, be it on the domestic or international level. The teachers can also benefit from these kinds of tie-ups. There are exchange programs for teachers in which teachers also go to other universities/schools. The teachers teach there and they also explore the different teaching methods of that place. Additionally, students and teachers who come to the domestic school also take back a lot of knowledge and information. This helps the domestic school gain recognition and appreciation on the global level.  Apart from this, working together with different universities in foreign countries and embracing the global culture helps smoothen the admission process for the students in the future.

The advantage of the collaborations includes:
  • Teacher exchange program
  •  Student exchange program
  •  Smoother admission process in the future


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