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Janmashtmi Celebrations at Top Boarding School in Dehradun

The Tula’s family celebrated Janmashtami with with zeal and excitement on September 5, 2018. One of the famous event popularly known as Dahi-Handi which involves earthen pots filled with dahi or other milk delicacies are hung at a height, making a human pyramid and breaking an earthen pot (handi) filled with buttermilk (dahi). At school, we changed the tradition a little bit and filled the earthen pots with chocolates instead of buttermilk.
The celebrations started in the morning with the Dahi-Handi program.
It was a very joyful event because there was a lot of cheering and laughing as students tried to break the pots and shower chocolates on everyone below! Later in the day, the students presented a fabulous dance on the famous Bollywood song ‘Radha Tera Jhumka’. The dancers had been practicing for weeks under the guidance of their teacher and they enthralled the audience with their performance.