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Pastoral Care

At Tula’s, one of the top residential school in Dehradun, health comes first. TIS believes that a healthy mind resides in a healthy body. To ensure a safe and healthy stay on campus, the school has a well-equipped infirmary to meet the medical needs of students. A doctor, matron and an ambulance on campus ensures that students’ health is taken very seriously. … Read More

Boarding Facilities

Among the best Dehradun boarding school, Tula’s International has separate boarding houses for girls and boys. Each dorm houses four children. Each child has an independent bed with storage space, cupboard, study table, book rack and a personal soft board for pin ups. Large windows in each room not only allow natural light to flow but also allow students to enjoy the scenery outside. …Read More


Tula’s concern for its students reflects in its having a separate counselling centre for its students. Life skill and value-based education classes are a part of the residential school timetable covering most of the issues concerning teenagers and challenges of living in a boarding school in Dehradun. … Read More

Structure of the Day

This Dehradun CBSE school gives students a very special experience. The daily routine and the communal living they experience at an early age help them learn self-discipline, respect for their peers and self-reliance, so essential in today’s world. A typical day of a student at TIS is as follows: … Read More


Not for nothing has Tula’s been ranked among the best international schools in Dehradun. At TIS, respect and tolerance for all religions in ingrained into the curriculum. A truly secular institution, Tula’s students do not discriminate on the basis of caste, creed or religion. The school celebrates all festivals. … Read More

Our House System

Tula’s International School has four houses-Olympian House, Spartan House, Trojan House and Titan House. These four houses have one aim in common: to keep the spirit of the school motto alive and to turn students into people of character and integrity, who can make India realize its potential as the most powerful nation on earth. …Read More