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Hon’ble Prime Minister of India Mr Narendra Modi addressed the students of various schools under the theme ‘Pariksha Par Charha‘ on January 20, 2020. Those students who could not attend the session viewed a live telecast of the same. Students of Tula’s International school also watched the live telecast in Cgynus Hall of the school.

In his address, Mr Narendra Modi spoke at length about the significance of education and examinations in life and then he answered a volley of questions put to him by students of Grade X, XI and XII. While addressing the students Modiji said 2020 is not only a new year but a new decade. In this upcoming decade, the students who will be appearing for their board examinations will contribute the most. He said It is going be our decade, the decade of the students of class XII. Out of the various programs he likes his favourite one for discussion has always been ‘ Pariksha par Charcha’ him it is the opportunity to learn with the youth of the nation. He also said that as he felt that he was a member of every family hence he wanted to reduce the burden of the parents by lecturing the student about the board examinations they are going to face.

This was followed by the question-answer session wherein students of various schools who had come from far and wide put questions to him and he answered them. One of the students questioned that their mood gets off whenever they students think of examinations or they also feel nervous and face exam-phobia Modiji said that mood-off’ is majorly due to external factors and negative thoughts we have in our mind. Rather we should take things positively and should never get demotivated, no matter the situation we go through. “Try to find success in failure also. Be joyful in every try or work as it will motivate you as well as others too,” he said. The second question that was put up to Modiji was ‘Is success all about the marks scored is the board examinations?’ to which he answered that In today’s changing modern world, examination are steps/ stepping stones to success but the success does not completely depend on it.

One student went on to ask him, What is the future of the students who are good at extra-curricular activities but not in academics How can we balance both? To this question, Modiji replied: Education provided by school teaches us to open the door to the big real world. And after entering this world only one can develop their extra-curricular activities or attain extra skills. Without extra-curricular activities, one is just a robot and Modi says robots can’t develop or nation so latter and former both are equally important and if time management is done, there can be perfectly balanced. Small breaks of co-curricular activities freshen up students mind. One student asked our Hon’ble Prime Minister, the importance of modern technology in a student’s life to which he said, we should not fear new technology rather we should make it our friend. We should know how we can make it useful to us rather than letting it use our time. We should be able to rule over technology and make proper use of it. To improve our lives we need to change with the ever-changing technology. However, he said Try to stay away for 2-3 hours from technology, Make one room as a technology-free room, in which you should not allow technology to enter inside it and spend some time with family members.” The address concluded with loads and loads of applauses for the adorable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi and students asking for more.