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Badminton is a fantastic game for our students as it not only enables them to work hard to improve their racket skills but also requires a great deal of physical and mental application. All students at TIS, Dehradun’s best school, have the opportunity to play badminton during the course of each school year. We also provide a coaching club for boys and girls who wish to refine their badminton skills. At TIS, we believe it is our duty to provide students with world-class badminton infrastructure. For us it is a matter of pride that our badminton court has been approved by the Badminton World Federation (BWF). It helps provide the following benefits to our students:

  • Outstanding shock absorption – Efficient joint and cartilage protection
  • Optimal vertical deformation – Advanced comfort, reduces risk of physical injuries
  • Optimal traction coefficient – A perfectly balanced grip and slip, reduces the risk of slips and trips
  • Environment friendly – free of solvents and heavy metals

The badminton club at TIS programme addresses:-

  • Basic techniques
  • Match play
  • Rules and etiquette
  • Tactical play within doubles and singles